Why Cuban Cigars Are “Smokin”! says CaptainGino

Cuban cigars are world famous. They are known to be the very best cigars on the market. The fact is that tobacco has been grown in Cuba for hundreds of years, and made in that

country since Columbus found the local inhabitants smoking them. At present, Cuba’s cigar industry is under direct government regulation. This governmental supervision serves as

a product quality control, in place to ensure that every cigar leaving the factory is well made, properly rolled, and does not contain flaws or imperfections.   This is a video of a Cuban

Cigar roller demonstrating how cigars are to be “hecho a mano” (hand rolled) instead of made with a machine.


These cigars stand out because they are made from high quality materials and a lot of care and attention goes into the making of every single cigar. It’s been estimated that it takes

over one hundred steps, as demonstrated from the video, to properly produce a single Cuban cigar. The industry follows a detailed cigar creation ritual that has not changed much

over the last few hundred years, “Yes, I said few hundred”!!  This dedicated care and attention is another thing that sets these cigars apart from cigars made in other countries.

Something else that sets these cigars apart from other cigars around the world is the fact that they are made using only Cuban tobacco. Many smokers do not realize that most other

cigars are made from a blend of various types of tobacco. This isn’t  bad in itself, and many smokers find the blend of various types of tobacco quite appealing. However, a hardcore

smoker realizes that the strongest, most authentic smoke always comes from a Cuban cigar and only a Cuban cigar. “This is where the men are separated from the boys”!  It should

be noted that smoking one of these cigars should not be done lightheartedly. These cigars have a strong aroma and taste; in fact, many inexperienced smokers don’t like them much

for this very reason.

Therefore, the reasons why Cuban Cigars are “Smokin” is that they are made in precisely the same way for the last several hundred years and the government controls the industry

and they’re very interested in maintaining its high reputation so, For this reason, every single Cuban cigar leaving the island has been made perfectly in every way and will not

contain a single flaw. The fact that each cigar contains only high grade Cuban tobacco ensures that a smoker will get an excellent smoke out of every single cigar he or she chooses.

Finally, the fact that these cigars are not easy to purchase has only made them more desirable.

…Captain Gino…in a nutshell!!

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  • Spoken by someone whose knowledge of cigars could leave a thimble empty. Cuban cigars are great but they’re not all that. There are many other countries making excellent cigars. Some of these are consistently rated higher than the Habanos. As far as them not being easily purchased, there are two reasons for that. One, the US makes thier own life difficult. Every other country has no issues purchasing them. Two. The Cuban run Habanos organization ensures that all cigars are distributed in the consistent manner to ensure consumers get a quality product. Make sure you always purchase from an authorized Habanos dealer.