Whole Smoked Alligator Recipe (a Cajun and Caribbean delicacy)


Gator meat is delicious and very high in protein and very lean. The perfect food for a high protein low fat diet.

Step 1: Look for a gator in the 5-6 foot range.

Step 2: Skin em’ from neck to tail (you may want to get a real Cajun with this step).

Step 3: Brine for 24 hours in 5lbs. crab boil, 5lbs. salt and 5lbs. sugar in bathtub.

Step 4: Slather with French’s mustard and liberally coat with Creole Seasoning ( popular in US is Tony Chachere’s)

Step 4: Smoke over cypress wood @ 225 until tail reaches 185 internal.

And you got yourself a bon-a-fide gator pickin’ there, boy!

NOTE: This recipe also works perfectly for nutria, possum, coon, snapping turtle, sasquatch, gar or any other creature roaming the swamp.

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