Sailing the Western Italian Coast and Sicily, Part 3

Lovely to see you cruising with us. Part 3 of this series is going to look at the Naples area, the Phlegraean Islands, and Salerno.

The Naples Area and the Phlegraean Islands

There is no area more famous for chic living than the Phlegraean Islands. The Campania region from Ischia to Salerno also includes some interesting spots!

The area around Naples tends to be very busy. But there are some gorgeous islands and fascinating ancient history you wouldn’t want to miss out on while you´re there.

Must-See Spots

Ischia, Seno di Leranto, Isolotti Galli, Naples, Pompeii, Capri.

Ischia is a beautiful island and is a very worthwhile destination, despite the fact that its very touristy. It´s the largest island in the archipelago, and is referred to as “the green island due to its fertile, blossoming landscape. It´s also known for its mineral springs and thermal baths, whose therapeutic qualities attract lots of visitors.

Naples is noisy, dirty and totally fascinating. Check it out, and Herculaneum and Vesuvius. The Marina di Stabia is a cool place to winter ashore or afloat as a “live aboard”!

Capri is the most famous island in Italy. It has been a retreat for an assortment of famous figures for over 2,000 years, from Emperor Tiberius to poet-diplomat Pablo Neruda. Expect exotic architecture, sea grottoes and other such delights.

Colorful houses on cliffs and lemon trees form the backdrop for sailing along the Amalfi Coast, and the towns that dangle over the sea are really something to behold. Don´t miss the Ravello Festival, a historic summer music and arts festival that takes place between the beginning of July and the end of September.

Marinas and Anchorages

Ischia has various anchorages on the south side of the island, but several are subject to swell. Good anchoring can be found at Cala San Antonio. There are lots of RIBs and speedboats during the day, but it´s quiet at night.

Seno di Leranto is a nature reserve, and anchoring is prohibited.

Salerno Southwards

The mainland coastline to the south of Naples is quiet and is the perfect place to escape the seasonal crowds and enjoy more reasonable prices.

Here´s a video of the sailing and local scenery:

Must-See Spots

Salerno, Acciarolli, Scario, Cetraro, Vibo Valentia, Tropea.

Salerno is a large town that´s great for shopping, and visiting Pompeii by rail.

Acciarolli is a pleasant little town with some supplies available.

Marinas and Anchorages

Salerno´s Porto Nuovo marina has visitor berths and is reasonably priced. It doesn´t have toilets or showers, though.

Acciarolli has free mooring on breakwater and no services.

Scario has a fairly low-cost and well-sheltered berthing and quiet, enjoyable surroundings. Very few facilities.

Centraro has a modern marina with electricity and water to all berths and laid moorings. The office and showers are located at some distance from the marina.


Vibo Valenina is a frequently recommended crew change spot. Marina Stella del Sud ormeggiatore assist with berthing, guide and greet you. The service is above average, and they charge below local average rates. English-speaking owners. Bar, restaurant and camping gas available.

Tropea has Porto Turistico, which is quiet in winter, and a new marina with all your facilities. It´s not too expensive, but it´s also possible to anchor outside, where there is reasonable shelter.  By the way, Calabria is the part of Italia where is from!!

We´re almost in Sicily! Read Part 4, coming next.

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