Wait a Second….., is that an Iceberg?! (North Atlantic Sailing, from Iceland to Greenland)

Have you ever been sailing in really cold waters? I can imagine it might bring back memories of the movie Titanic, but these guys have sailed all around them, and here´s the evidence! I bet they found things a little easier once they got to Spain, though.

What do you need to know before sailing in very cold waters? Well, falling in may be more dangerous than you think, according to an article written on the subject by Captain Art Pine, who´s done a lot of cold water sailing.

It doesn’t take icebreaker conditions to make cold water pretty dangerous. Water temperatures of just 60 degrees can affect your ability to function, said Dr. Bill Boicourt, an oceanography expert at the University of Maryland’s Horn Point Center for Environmental Science. When it’s under 50 degrees, you’re really taking a risk, claims Boicourt.

Stay safe! And check out the video for some iceberg sailing scenery you can enjoy from a warm, dry place.


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