Traveling the World: Who Says It Isn’t Easy?

You’ve been wondering how to get away for a while.

You might even be sneaking a peak at this post while at work or seeking inspiration though you feel you can’t really afford to escape right now.

Either way, this post is for you!


Look After Pets

Staying in a French farmhouse or Australian beach villa for a weekend, or even a few months doesn’t sound too awful, right?

A company called Trusted Housesitters that connects homeowners and trustworthy travelers charges you about $100 per year to do just that: stay in the most amazing accommodation while traveling and look after pets.

You’ll need a huge passion for pets, a good reputation, character references and ID documents checked online to get started.

To get the reputation part going, you could petsit in your own town in exchange for reviews.

Convert a Normal-Sized Vehicle Into a Home

Take a look at Marina Piro hugging her Renault Kangoo on boredpanda, and see how easy she makes traveling the world look.

#VanLife is trending right now. According to Mustafa Gatollari of Distractify, the relatively low cost of converting a van or truck into a mobile living space could be covered from the earnings of a decent social media following.

Here’s a guide on living the van life if you want to know more.

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Stay in Luxury Homes & Get Paid to Share Your Experiences

Would something a little more up-market be more appealing?

THIRDHOME announced a temporary opportunity recently to pay you $10,000 per month to stay in luxury vacation homes and share all your experience in blog posts and social media.

Plan Your Trip Around a Concept, And Then Write/Snap Away Happily

Okay, so this idea involves some pitching before you go.

But what if you planned your trip around a concept such as “the most beautiful streets in the world“, “the most amazing renovated VW vans on the planet” or “showing everyone how big the world really is“. Haha. Let your imagination run wild.


Next, move that cool concept into the real world.

Who might sponsor the trip?

Could you write a story on every VW you found, take amazing pictures of them, create an ebook or blog on the topic?​​​​​​​

What’s trending right now? What might be trending in 12 months, when you’re ready to cash in on your trip’s research gold?

Save, Save, Save

If Hayley Andrews could afford to buy a home and travel the world in her mid-20s, anyone who’s near retiring age like me should be able to do the same. Right?

Okay, she pulled off this amazing feat by:

  • monitoring her expenses using the app Trail Wallet. Hayley found out that she was spending $75 per month on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon videos and $400 a month on eating out.
  • deleting her subscriptions, cooking at home and walking to save on transportation costs.

She saved $1000 per month, and $48,000 in four years with this method.

Next, she applied for credit cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred and Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard, which let you earn several hundred dollars in airfare when you spend a minimum amount and they waive the annual fee for the first year.

They also let you earn airline miles, giving you around 1.5x, 2x or 3x miles for every dollar spent.

Hayley makes all of her purchases on her card each month, spends the amount necessary to receive the bonus, and then cancel the card after one year. Make your monthly payments on time, and you can actually improve your credit score.

Step three of Hayley’s master traveler plan?

Check your credit score, set your budget and find out if you have enough saved to cover the down payment and closing costs for your new home. You might be looking at a down payment that’s as little as 3%.

A dude on top of an iceberg in Alaska

Research mortgages, comparing all the options: interest rates, discount points, mortgage insurance options, loan origination fees.

In 2017, interest rates are really low, so take your pick and get approved, then make an offer on a home that you love and fits your budget.

Hayley ended up spending half of her savings on her down payment and closing costs, but now pays the same as she was paying in rent before she bought her new home. With the rest, she’s been to Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Colombia. Where will she go next?

Use Cash Back Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Dean and Julie Couchey also use credit cards that give cash back as you spend. They quit their jobs after getting married and traveled to 20 countries together during their first year matrimony.

They use, earning one free night after every 10 nights at a hotel.

They use Ebates, and are blessed with 3 to 6 percent cash back on every transaction.

They pay for those bookings with their Citi Double Cash card, and get another 2% cash back with it.

Be Professional & Diligent

Johnny Ward has been to all 197 countries in the last 10 years. He made $1 million while on the road.

After spending long night blogging, he built his media brand with 100 different sites and makes a living off the advertising revenue.

He recommends keeping things professional….

…So though it might seem funny to talk about getting drunk or taking drugs when you start blogging, that is one sure way to prevent you from getting great opportunities in the future.

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You’ll also need to be diligent—put the work in during tough times where the internet sucks when you’re not earning yet can be challenging. But you won’t achieve your dreams and be able to fund your travels without it.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Use Instagram

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen met in Fiji in their twenties. Morris started out as a broke backpacker, but now has a following of 2.3 million on Instagram and earns up to $9,000 for every sponsored Instagram post he makes.

He takes his photos seriously, uses Lightroom to edit the shots, and very carefully plans his next image to make sure it works well with the rest of his feed. And I can see why people love him: check out his blog.


Stay With Locals

Couchsurfing is an interesting concept, but staying with locals doesn’t mean you have to get that website. But the full experience you get from staying with someone from the culture of the country you’re visiting and knows the best places to go like the back of their hand is definitely the right way to travel.

Everyone has a network. Ask everyone you know who they know, and go from there.


Feeling like making the jump is too challenging to even contemplate? Got a lot of responsibilities tying you don’t, or financial worries? These videos will help you.

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Images courtesy of Mike Mozart, Rk Rao and Paxton Woelber on Flickr.

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