As a Traveling Foodie, San Pedro Fish Market is a Must Visit

As the self proclaimed foodie that I am, I personally had to investigate the magic that was happening at this place.  With a seafood platter this massive, it’s easy to see why the dudes

who created it are called the, “Kings of Fi$h.”

After the launch of FOODBEAST’s new reality series, Kings Of Fi$h, I paid a visit the San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant, just so I could see for myself, and customize my own world

famous seafood Super Tray.

This platter was massive and can probably feed between six to eight people.

We made ours with one whole fried Red Snapper, a steamed Swordfish steak, mussels and three different types of shrimp, crawfish and veggies, all placed on a giant pile of potatoes

and green bell peppers.   Los Angeles’ port town is a prime destination for authentic food and culture year-round. It’s L.A.’s old city by the sea yet few people talk about it — but that

could all change soon.

When ya visit this joint,  you’ll find an outdated, somewhat run-down version of what Ports O’ Call Village once was in its heyday. The buildings near the adjacent San Pedro Fish

Market — a massive seafood lover’s paradise that’s been serving fish since 1965 — are dingy and uncoordinated. Porta Potties line the sidewalks to accommodate the crowds.

There’s absolutely nothing “hip” or “craft” about the place — at least not yet, but that doesnt matter, let the food speak for itself!!!

Check Out this video, and I guarantee  it’ll make ya wanna visit this place yourself!!!!




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