Travel Dubai by Skydiving

Soar like a bird over one of the most spectacular drop zones in the world, Dubai!! Step out of a plane at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres and enjoy the rush of the wind. The whole experience is a full-scale immersion of the senses, and in this video a cameraman documents the fun.

The free fall lasts around a minute before the instructor pops the chute and you begin a leisurely five-minute descent. This is your time to take in the incredible views as you swoop over the Palm Jumeirah towards the landing turf, or you could choose to skydive above the dunes, also known as, the desert.

Dubai looks unique from above. Like a shell logo, haha. But what if you jumped from a plane and were soaring towards it at 120 mph?! I wonder if the air goes up your nose.

Here´s three guys plummeting towards Dubai and looking very happy about it.


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