75 Travel Blogs Reviewed for 2017

Okay, confession! I wasn’t intimately familiar with absolutely all of these travel blogs before I made this list. Don’t get me wrong, I am a travel blog nut. And I wanted to research every single one of them so I could make sure they were really well reviewed. Ready to get stuck in?

  1. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt. There’s just no getting rid of him. And I wouldn’t want to, because his rocks! The in-depth post and detail are what really gets me. His guest bloggers are also the, erm, sugar.

You could be on there all day, and if you are going traveling, it’s definitely worth getting on his mailing list, as well as checking the location categories on his site. His book on $50 per day is also highly recommended.

  1. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning female travel and lifestyle blog. She’s blonde, she’s female and she travels the world in style—that’s for sure.

There’s nothing budget about her or her website, though she says she did start that way. She’s now a content marketer, consultant and coach, and is on the road nine months of the year.

I’m not a huge fan of this blog. To me, it feels pretty superficial and empty. It’s more about her posing for photos than the places she goes.

The Blonde Abroad also flies A LOT. In 2016, she got onto 78 planes. She flew 186,981 miles that year. What is that doing to the environment? Is it really necessary?

What I do like is the design of the site. It’s fresh and modern.

  1. Hey Nadine

Nadine is animated and fun. She’s more into vlogging than blogging these days. Her website and channel are pretty good. Nadine’s vlogging style has made her a YouTube personality.

  1. View from the Wing

View from the Wing is designed for a business audience, really. There’s advice on how to get the best hotel room upgrades, the best credit cards to use; lists of hotel programs with generous breakfast benefits; airline reports, restaurant reports, lounge reports. It’s a strange website, for a very unique audience.

Desert safari, Abu Dhabi

  1. Skift

Skift claims that digitizing and monetizing tours and activities is the next, if not the final frontier in online travel, and is another travel website aimed at a business audience. They have a lot of intelligent articles on business travel topics.

  1. Buzzfeed Travel

I really like Buzzfeed Travel. The site is clean and fun, and they have a playful way of putting their point across. Like one of their posts recently was titled “26 Fucking Badshit Things That Happened In Scotland In 2016.” They also have posts like “Japanese 7-Elevens Will Make You Believe in Magic Again.”

  1. Wandering Earl

Here’s another blog about a real human being who travels a lot—in fact, he’s been traveling and living around the world nonstop since 1999. I like his fantastically old-school blog and the fact that he’s genuinely traveling all the time, on a budget. He has just a few videos here and there.

  1. Migrationology

Mark Wiens is a full-time travel eater. I love love love his blog! He’s a man after my own heart, with his photography of real traditional meals from all over the world. The style of the blog is modern and attractive.

I love reading about people ticking destinations off their bucket list and traveling responsibly

  1. One Mile At a Time

One mile at a time is very similar to View from the Wing, with its trip reports and wot not. But One Mile At a Time has a more relaxed, friendly feel. Lucky, the guy who runs the blog alongside his contributors, writes well, and seems smart and friendly.

  1. Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is another intelligent travel blog. He started an email newsletter way back when, and it expanded so much that he started Johnny Jet. It’s another fairly serious but fun enough to relax while you read it kind of a blog.

  1. The Planet D

The Planet D is an adventure travel blog that’s been around for 8 years. I like the photography that the couple that runs this site use, as well as the completeness of their site. The blog is for anyone who likes a bit of adventure.

  1. I Am Eileen

Aileen is a corporate dropout from the Philippines, and we love her! Her digital nomad lifestyle is inspiring and her sustainable approach warms the cockles of your heart. Her blog is great, too.

  1. Travel Dudes

The Travel Dudes have a bunch of city guidebooks, and info on all the countries in the world—with tips, photos, travel diaries, and related content. I really like the factual, no nonsense way they come across. They’re not trying to brand themselves into the floor, which I really appreciate! Their YouTube channel is also comprehensive and well put together.

Thassos Island, Greece

  1. Chasing The Donkey

The Begonja family create a Balkan travel blog and guide so you can plan your trip there like a local. Croatia is so beautiful. I love the coastline and the detail these guys go into is wonderful.

  1. Triphackr

Clint has been traveling for over a decade and has covered over 100 countries. There is plenty to dive into on his site, including all Clint’s travel hacking tips, including how to travel without perfect credit and earn one million miles and points.

  1. Travel Mamas

Travel Mamas covers snacks for kids that travel, fashion, spas, movies, books, restaurants, cruises, theme parks, toys, hotels, and more. It’s for parents and families. I really like this niche blog. It’s one of the 50 most popular travel blogs online.

  1. To Europe And Beyond

Marie-Eve is from Montreal and she’s been on the road for 8 years and travelled around 21 countries. This is a stylish blog with really great photos and a magazine feel to it. We like.

  1. Bucket List Journey

Annette is a travel author and restaurant owner. She writes about her bucket list destinations, and is kind of a foodie like me. The style of her blog is simple. She does some fun things, like eating bugs, zorbing, and sleeping in a Ryokan. I’m a big fan.

There are a lot of travel bloggers that explain how you can save money by traveling the world

  1. Goats On The Road

I think Nick and Dariece, AKA The Goats, really have their heads screwed on. They are all about culture, trying new food and meeting people. Like me! They are all about making money as you go. No superficial travel, here, friends. Nope! Love this blog. It’s very helpful and inspiring.

  1. Just One Way Ticket

Sab has been traveling and living abroad since 2008, and has been to more than 50 countries. There are good guides, video footage and photos to be found here, as well as very long, detailed posts. Like this blog!

I never thought about swimming in the sea with a hat on….

  1. Points With a Crew

Here’s another blog about credit cards, airports and other related stuffs. This fella has six children, and likes to write about family travel. The blog style is a bit drab for my tastes.

  1. Be My Travel Muse

 Kristin is a former investment banker from Southern Cali who sold everything she owned and up and left in 2012. I love that she immerses herself in local culture, takes local transportation and is really living the life. Her website style is really nice and she takes lots of pics. Love.

  1. Nerd Nomads

Espen and Maria are two programmers from Norway who travel during the five weeks they get off work each year. Though they aren’t full-time travelers, this couple have a nice site and post around once per month.

Is Europe on your bucket list?

  1. Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate really is adventurous, fun and travels the world for a living. As she says, “I’ve taken a boob to the face in Istanbul.” And she’s been shipwrecked in Indonesia. Yeah, this girl has character. She’s super popular online, and she deserves it. Her blog is excellent, and she’s out there showing the world that a woman can travel alone perfectly safely, thank you very much. I’m a huge fan.

  1. The Everywhereist

Geraldine is fun and her blog is highly regarded and personal. It’s a love letter to her husband, she says, who travels a lot thanks to his job. So while he’s in meetings, Geraldine makes the world chuckle and be happy through her blog, and sleeps a lot.

  1. Everything Everwhere

Gary Arndt sold his house in 2007 and split to travel, blog and photograph the world. She’s been to 190 countries and territories around the globe, and visited all seven continents. I can’t get enough of his travel photos, I really can’t. He has so much talent.

  1. While Out Riding

This blog is all about Cass’ dirt road adventures. He set off from Alaska in 2009 and this journey drew to a close in 2014. He’s been to Mongolia and the Republic of Georgia most recently, and continues to post. While this blog isn’t my favorite, it’s pretty interesting to follow someone who loves bikes so much and goes to cool places.

  1. Uncornered Market

Dan and Audrey are full-time travelers and began their journey 14 years ago. They’ve been to over 90 countries during that time. I really like this blog, I have to admit. There’s just something very real and authentic about this couple. They’re mindful travelers who are experiencing the real world, instead of just the tourist spots or main sites. I respect that very much.

Love reading foodie articles on travel blogs!

  1. Don’t Forget to Move

Yey, a blog about responsible tourism, from another couple, Jules and Christine. These guys are volunteering, they’re adventure seekers, and they’ve been on the road since 2012. Nice blog, nice people.

  1. Flip Nomad

Flip Nomad is a simple little blog. Naturally, my favorite section is the food blog.

  1. Our Oyster

This family has been all over, and they have some great posts on family travel, budget travel, as well as country categories. If you have kids, this is definitely a recommended blog. I like it.

  1. Travel Experta

Here is another family blog, but they specialize in everything unique and boutique about travel. This mixed race couple came together in Central America, had two boys and love to inspire others to travel with kids of all ages. It’s great!

  1. Around the World “L”

Lillie left Boston in 2009 and has been voyaging the world since. She is a sailor, and circumnavigated the globe for nine months before taking off on a regular basis to all sorts of locations. She now covers family travel and has two children. I like the variation of posts she writes, from race and travel to fashion and arts.

  1. Humans Who Travel

This blog brings together many travelers, and their stories of varying lengths. You can even submit a story yourself. It’s not a bad resource for interesting story snippets.

This is what cities and town are like along the Croatian coast

  1. The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn made the break in 2006 and sold her financial planning practice in Canada. There are some useful resources on her site and I’m curious to read her up-and-coming book.

  1. Ottsworld

Sherry Ott dubs herself as a middle age wanderer, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. I love how well written her stories are, and her simple photography.

  1. Travels of Adam

Adam is holding it up for the gay community with his hipster blog. He quit his graphic design job in Boston in 2010 and went on a trip around the world, and is now located in Berlin. I like his foodie section.

  1. Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel felt empty on the inside due to her lifestyle before traveling, and decided to write, travel and lose herself in photography in 2007. I like her blog a lot because it talks about what’s going on out there in the world, not just what she’s doing/wearing/saying. She’s won a lot of awards for her blog, and it’s easy to see why. This is quality.

  1. LandLopers

Matt Long’s blog is simple and well put together. Again, his foodie articles are my favorites.

  1. The Art of Adventuring

The Art of Adventuring is quite a plain blog, but the couple’s story is nice. Michael and his girl, Stephanie—who also has her own blog—have been travelling for their whole relationship. I like both their sites. They are really living the travel and work on the road lifestyle.

The Setai, Miami Beach

  1. Around The world in 80 Jobs

This blog has character and there are lots of useful posts and pics of Turner and his many jobs, including making Tequila, selling Christmas trees, making vinegar, volunteering with tigers and elephants…. His stories are different and unexpected. Love this blog.

  1. The Expeditioner

This blog has a whole team of editors and contributing editors, and it’s well-put-together. These guys do a study of travel blogs and make a list of the top 50 travel blogs every year. Their featured articles are long and detailed.

  1. Chasing Travel

Cristina is a traveler, journalist and a volunteer and she travels for social good as well as exploring the depths of the locations she visits. I like this blog J

  1. Twenty Something Travel

Here’s Michael from The Art of Adventuring’s girlfriend Stephanie’s blog. Stephanie’s motto is why wait to see the world. Isn’t that great? So true. And Stephanie is not waiting, she’s writing, photographing and offering travel tips as she moves around. Her Good Eats section is great.

  1. Nomadic Samuel

Sam is a Canadian blogger and YouTuber who’s been getting all his experiences on camera and traveling for almost a decade. I like his site, it’s done with great taste and finesse. And there are plenty of vlogs about food to been watched on his channel.

A backpacker hiking in Argentina

  1. A World to Travel

The photography, filmmaking and travel writing team behind A World to Travel are into visual storytelling, and so am I. I love their vibrant style. Definitely recommend.

  1. foXnoMad

Anil Polat, a computer security engineer, blogger and traveler has been on the road for six year, visiting 80 countries and exploring culture and loving technology. I like his take on things, and the tech gear and gadgets section.

  1. Global Goose

I’m not a huge fan of the way this site is designed, but I do like the people behind it. Kelly and Lee took a gap decade, and have been documenting the whole thing through this site. I love their 5 years of travel in 100 photos post.

  1. Lonely Planet

I couldn’t do this list without including Lonely! Ah, Lonely, how I do love your images and destination guides. And well, that’s it. I’m just glad people run their own blogs so I get a personal perspective on the world.

  1. Guess This City

I love the photography on this blog, and the videos, and the storytelling. Kevin Lydon, who’s behind the blog, says there is nothing he won’t try once, which is what brings me back every time.

  1. Dave’s Travel Corner

Dave’s been promoting experiential travel for 20 years, after he when on a life-changing trip to Nepal. This posts are well crafted tales, and his photography rocks.

One of the most wonderful things about traveling is the people you meet along the way.

  1. We Said Go Travel

This site is where more than 1600 travel writers from all over the world come together and share their travel stories. You can’t beat the variation! There’s always something new and inspiring to read and ogle here.

  1. A Dangerous Business

Amanda is a small town Ohio girl with a huge appetite for solo travel and adventure. I love her personality and the way she expresses it through this fabulous travel blog. Love love love.

  1. National Geographic Travel

I love the photo of the day, and all things National Geographic Travel. Pure quality!

  1. Viator Travel Blog

The team behind this blog is huge! Everything is professionally done and their Foodie Tours section is to die for.

  1. Heather on her Travels

I really admire middle-aged women who travel on their own and are busy knocking destinations off their bucket list. Heather is a real darling and her blog is well-stocked with everything from gear to giveaways to videos and podcasts. It’s one of my favorite resources.

  1. Just Luxe

Just Luxe has varied content about travel, fashion, food and lots of other stuff. I like the Epicure section on luxury culinary news, events and wot not. Their interview section is also top notch.

The sunset over Hong Kong being captured by a traveler

  1. Luxury Travel Diary

Here’s another stylish blog I spoil myself with from time to time. Luxury travel is something else, and there are some great ideas and information here.

  1. Cultureur

These guys say they’re on the cusp of local culture and luxury travel, and I like the way they think. The site has a magazine feel to it, much like a lot of the blogs that are run by multiple people on this list, but the articles are intelligent and plentiful.

  1. Mrs O Around the World

Here’s another slice of luxury from Ana Silva O’Reilly. It feels like this blog is meant for women, really, but I love some of the sections she has, like the Villas and Vacation Homes, and the continent categories. It’s nice to cross reference some the information on this blog with some of the budget blog content.

  1. A Luxury Travel Blog

The finer aspects of travel are covered on this site by Dr. Paul Johnson and his team of 400 writers and guest bloggers. There is so much to go through on this blog that I often get quite carried away.

  1. Walk Simply

Walk Simply is all about spending more time outdoors, urban walking and conservation. It was created by Traci Lehman, an avid walker. As a nature lover, her content is very much up my street.

  1. Adventure Journal

As you might expect, Adventure Journal is an editorial delight. Their stories are selected so well, that I can’t get enough of this site. You’ll see what I mean.

Image result for Asia sunset flickr

Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

  1. Mapping Megan

Megan’s site has a lot of moving parts that include tips you should really know before you travel to certain countries, money advice, a shop, photography and other stuff.

The blog and site are actually run by both Megan and Mike, the husband and wife team, who are very sporty, active travelers. I love the useful nature of their content.

  1. Saving Wild

Saving wild is about defending the wild species and remaining wilderness on this planet. It was created by Lori Robinson, who grew up surrounded by animals. Her blog has some fantastic interviews, articles about conservation, and great photographs on it.

  1. Lady’s Travel Blog

Lady is a passionate animal care specialist. Her blog is great. It’s all about her hikes, trails and travel writer interviews. Love it.

  1. Backpacking Matt

There are so many Matts in travel, and this one is from Iowa. Matt blogs about backpacking in New Zealand, among other things. I really love the photography on his blog.

  1. eTramping

Cez and Agness have a super popular and professional blog with “ultimate guides”, info on budget travel, travel tips and resources. They write about teaching English in China a lot, too. Quite the experts, I would say.

  1. Budget Traveler

Yep, this blog is all about budget travel! Kash Bhattacharya, who started the site, is an award winning travel blogger and has been traveling on a budget for 7 years. I like the modern design and Stories From The Road section of his site.

  1. Y Travel Blog

Y Travel was created by Caz and Craig Makepeace, a couple from Australia who have lived in five different countries and travelled through 52. I love family blogs, but this is a particularly nice one.

Image result for Asia sunset flickr

Bali’s coastline

  1. Global Locavore

Lauren is the voice behind this blog about good food. Oh! How I love the way Lauren ties in sustainability, culture, nature, travel and food here.

  1. Sailing Totem

Sailing Totem is such a cool sailing blog. It’s a family blog about Behan, her husband Jamie and their three children. They are probably somewhere off the coast of Africa right now. So cool. Love their blog.

  1. The Unknown Roads

This funky blog is also a goldmine for awesome photography. It’s created by Tim Kemper, Matt Joffe and Patrick McFarland. I’m a huge fan of Patrick McFarland because I, too, and a fellow motorcyclist, but their whole blog is great.

  1. The World Pursuit

Africa is one of the places I would love to explore the most, and The World Pursuit has had some great posts on Africa recently that I’ve been enjoying. Natasha love sushi, movies and travel. Cameron, Natasha’s partner, also writes for the blog. You can see them both bungee jumping, eating and lots of pictures they’ve snapped as they go. And boy, do they have some great photographs!

  1. The Travel Stories

This travel blog is made up of the stories from a range of authors, and they really are stories. There’s nothing like being transported through prose and photos as two guys head down the Congo River through rapids in a traditional boat, or hearing how two German guys accompanied a Thai monk-to-be through the ceremony. This blog is great!

So, which is your favorite travel blog?

And please let us know if you’d like us to add your travel blog to this list.

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