Travel Blog Masters: Paul and Sheryl Shard Sailing the World

Some people are really living the dream. Sailing the world full-time, earning well as they go doing something they love, and having experiences that leave others speechless.

Can’t stay away from the water? Adore boats, boat shows, boating blogs and sailing videos? Anything that will quench your thirst for information about getting out sailing? Maybe you own a boat but need some inspiration (or need to inspire your partner) to do more and see more with your boat? Then the Distant Shores community is the place for you!

We’re Paul and Sheryl Shard, a Canadian couple who set sail from Lake Ontario with a dream of sailing south when we were in our early 30’s. We have sailed and lived aboard since 1989. We’ve learned a lot sailing to “distant shores” on 5 continents over 26 years of international cruising, putting 100,000 miles under the keel and doing 7 ocean crossings during that time.

We’ve been making TV shows and living this dream since the 90s, and YouTube videos and running our blog. We’d love for you to join us by watching our videos and check out our blog too!

How awesome are these guys?! Here’s a video about their work and lifestyle with the title “How to Make a Million Dollar Sailing Video.” Enjoy!



Living On A Sailboat in the Caribbean in 2017: The Cost



The Health Benefits of Sailing

Science Explains How Staying Near Water Can Change Our Brains BY JENNY MARCHAL





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  • We are wondering if you are somewhere safe as Maria the hurricane is in the Caribbean
    Stay safe we are praying for you and everyone. Carol

  • Thank you Carol for your concern, I’m in Atlantic City New Jersey for the next few months