Mozzarella Being Made is Devastatingly Beautiful !

“You’ll want to watch this again and again and again”

Of all the cheeses, fresh mozzarella might be the easiest one for an amateur to make for themselves. It only requires 5 ingredients and about 30 minutes of your time. The end result is almost always a success: a delicious fresh cheese you can eat immediately or toss on a homemade pizza.

If the ease of making your own mozzarella isn’t enough encouragement, watch the below video for the best possible inspiration. It truly captures the majesty and emotion that goes into well-crafted cheesemaking. Filmed in Italy, it literally takes you on the handmade journey from milk to mozzarella, captures the energy and passion that goes into each glorious orb. Sure, your first go at mozzarella probably won’t be as finely crafted as theirs, but as they say, fresh mozzarella always tastes good!


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