Things you can do with your new GoPro

This cool video is just one of thousands posted all over the web showing what you can do with the Hero 4 GoPro Camera.  However, slick as the video was, it did highlight one of the problems with owning a GoPro – namely that most people spend relatively little of their time climbing glaciers, hanging out near volcanoes or surfing like Melissa Gil in this refreshing video. Fortunately, you don’t need to learn to skateboard or dangle yourself off a building to get interesting stills and videos with your GoPro, there are plenty of interesting things you can do without straying far from your house, never mind the country, remember, the Gopro is a camera, so use it like the camera you’ve always had!

Water sports GoPro

Travel Dubai by Skydiving

Wave of the Year Surfed by Italian Francisco Porcella in Portugal

French Skier Wins $20K for This Extreme Video (..feels like its you on the skis)!!




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