The Interview: Brilliantly marketed and very entertaining and worth watching

As we sat in our living room last night anticipating the start of the movie The Interview, I though to myself, “whats the big deal, everyone’s making about this ?” A couple hours later I realized what the big deal was. Seth Rogen who directed, produced and starred in this movie played his cards perfect, not only did he make “The World” curious about it, he also changed the way we’ll be watching movies from now on. I realized that we don’t have to go to the movie theater anymore, we can now sit in our living rooms and order “new releases” for $7 to $10 and watch it on our 70 inch flat screens with surround sound and eat what ever you want any time you want without ever stepping foot out your door. By the end of the movie we all had this satisfied feeling about the whole experience, not to mention how entertainingly funny  the movie really was, unfortunately for The very insecure North Korean leader.

The Interview




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