The Bermuda Triangle: A Complete Guide

The Bermuda triangle covers an area of 500,000 square miles. It lies off the Southeastern coast of the U.S. in the Atlantic ocean, between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, but you won’t know when you have crossed into it, or find it on a map.

However, the Bermuda Triangle is a very real place, and hundreds of planes, people and boats have disappeared mysteriously within it. There are more than 300 shipwrecks just in the waters surrounding Bermuda Island (thanks to the treacherous underwater coral reefs spreading 200 square miles from its shores).

The location of The Bermuda Triangle

Mysterious Sightings

The fact is that reports of strange occurrences go back to the times of Christopher Columbus. In 1492, Columbus was on his first voyage alongside his crew. They were about to land on Guanahani, but before they did, Columbus, his son and various crew members reportedly saw “small wax candle that rose and fell.”

L.T. Gould, who later analyzed the situation based in the naval journal, said that the light “must have been some 35 miles or so eastward of the landfall, and well to windward of it”, in fact.

Columbus also wrote in his journal that “there exists the possibility of never leaving this legendary sea. My compass acts strangely. This sea seems to have the ability to draw things in from all over the Atlantic like a catch-basin.”

The Boats That Disappeared

USS Cyclops

When USS Cyclops (AC-4) went missing without a trace with a crew of 306 around March 4, 1981, it was the single largest loss of life in the history of the U.S. Navy outside of combat.

The vessel was actually making her way to Baltimore, Maryland when she made an unscheduled stop at Barbados because the water level was over the Plimsoll line, indicating she was overloaded. She set out for Baltimore on March 4, disappeared, and no wreckage has ever been found. And extensive naval investigation on USS Cyclops concluded that: “Many theories have been advanced, but none satisfactorily accounts for her disappearance,” but a violent storm was reported to have swept through the area where she may have been around the time she disappeared.

USS Cyclops, which disappeared without a trace within The Bermuda Triangle in 1981


On December 22 1967, a 23-foot cabin cruiser named Witchcraft left from Miami with her owner Dan Burrack—a veteran and cautious yachtsman—and his close friend Father Patrick Horgan on board. Burrack wanted to show Father Patrick the wonderful Christmas time lights along the Miami shoreline that night, and they didn’t plan to go more than a mile from the beach.

Everything was going well until the coast guards received an SOS call from Burrack at 9 P.M. He claimed that he had hit something, and though this was not an emergency, he needed to be towed safely back to shore. Burrack stated that he was going to fire a flare so the coast guards knew their exact location.

Burrack had fixed a floatation device into the boat to make it unsinkable. He also had all the usual life-saving equipment, including floating cushions and life jackets.

However, there was no more word from Burrack, and even a 24,500 square mile search brought up no trace of the boat or her crew, despite all the buoyant devices aboard.

A squall was reported to have blown through that area for a brief period that night, but wouldn’t Burrack have reported something or fired a flare in such a case?

Recent Disappearances

In 2003 and 2004, Frank and Romina Leone; Gary Lisk, Neil Eddleman and Neil Allen Eddleman; and Glen Jamison has all disappeared along with their fishing or leisure vessels.

Divers’ Mysterious Deaths

A wreck diver exploring the aftermath of a terrible accident

Ryan Craig

The Canadian diver Ryan Craig was just 25 years old when he died while working for Triangle Diving Bermuda and part way through creating a documentary around the lionfish in the region alongside diving club owner Graham Maddocks.

Craig’s body was found in shallow water after he went scuba diving on his own in 2012. The Police said they were not treating the incident as suspicious, but it is thought that Craig was only diving in eight or nine feet of water and died due to a problem with his closed circuit rebreather equipment.

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer is described as an exemplary diver: knowledgeable, disciplined and cool under pressure. The British scuba diver directed a blue holes research center in the Bahamas for a number of years.

But Palmer’s close friend, John Bantin, reported that he had taken to the narcotic effects of extremely deep dives, descending to 120 meters. He disappeared in 1997 in the Red Sea, when he failed to surface during a dive.

Did Bermuda drive Palmer to extremes? Was he looking for something? Some believe that some of the micro-wormholes within the blue holes of the Bermuda Triangle region are transit points for UFOs arriving on earth from other dimensions. More on that later!

The Planes

Flight 19

Six planes all vanished into oblivion on a warm day on December 5, 1945. There were billowing clouds soaring overhead in the current of a southwesterly trade wind, and the weather conditions were considered average for a training flight.

Flight 19 was going to be a routine navigation exercise and a mock bombing run for the 14 men on board the squadron of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that were to fly to the Bahamas and back to the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station.

Flight 19 completed the exercise, but Lt. Charles C. Taylor, an experienced pilot, reported that he was lost as he led them back. His compasses were not working. He thought he was over Florida Keys, but the weather and sea conditions had changed, and Lt. Taylor had accidently directed the squadron far out to sea, trying to fly north, “to try and get out of the Keys”. Snatches of the transmissions picked up on the mainland indicated that the other pilots were trying to get Taylor to change course around 4:45 P.M.

Flight 19’s airplanes before they were lost over The Bermuda Triangle

By 5:50 P.M., the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center managed to get a fix on Flight 19’s signals: they were east of New Symrna Beach, Florida—but the communications were so poor that their location couldn’t be passed to the lost planes.Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station.

At 6:20, a Dumbo Flying Boat flew out to find Flight 19 and lead it back to shore. Two more Martin Mariner planes were added to the search an hour later. But the weather was so rough there was little hope.

None of the Flight 19 planes made it back. Neither did one of the Martin Mariners, which had 22 men on board. No remains have ever been found.

Bruce Gernon and “The Fog”

Bruce Gernon is one of the few survivors of a mishap in the Bermuda Triangle. He and his father had been flying in the Bahamas regularly since 1969 when they lifted off the runway at Andros Island in a brand new Beechcraft Bonanza A36 with a business associate and friend Chuck Lafeyette.

But shortly after takeoff, Bruce notices an elliptical cloud directly in front of the plane around a mile ahead, hovering strangely above the sea, which quickly changed into a cumulus cloud, building in size as the plane climbed for 10 whole minutes.

The airplane finally broke free at 11,500 feet and the sky was clear, but when the men looked back at the cloud, it had changed into a huge squall, 20 miles long.

Bruce then looked ahead of him, and saw another cloud near the Bimini Islands, similar to the first, but rising 60,000 feet high above them from the sea upward.

As they entered into the second cloud, Bruce and his fellow crew witnessed a strange thing: there was no rain around them, but the surroundings became dark with visibility of just four or five miles ahead.

Cloud formations that don’t transport you through time!

There were no lightning bolts to speak of, but weird bright white flashes illuminated the whole area around them intermittently. Bruce turned the plane to try and exit the cloud, but soon realized that they were actually within a ring-shaped cloud that encompassed both of the clouds they had been flying through, spanning about 30 miles.

Luckily, Bruce managed to spot a break in the cloud that formed a horizontal tunnel around one mile wide and 10 miles long. They could see the blue sky at the end of the tunnel.

Once they were in this hollow shaft, they noticed that the tunnel was quickly shrinking! They needed to get to a maximum speed of 230 miles per hour to get out. Twenty seconds later, the men shot out of the tunnel, a feeling of weightlessness overcoming them.

Turning back to look at the cloud, the tunnel walls collapsed and formed a slit that slowly rotated clockwise, like a portal closing.

Scrambling to gain control of the electronic and magnetic navigational instruments, Bruce managed to contact Miami. But the radar controller replied that he was unable to locate the plane where they were flying.

The men looked around them. They were in a grayish-white hazy fog, and couldn’t see the horizon, nor the sky or the ocean. Bruce had only his intuition to guide him west.

Three minutes later, and the radar controller got back to them. They were directly over Miami Beach, flying due west, he said.

But there was no logical way that could be. That would mean they had flown 250 miles in 47 minutes, which is impossible. They had traveled through 100 miles of space and 30 minutes of time in just three minutes while in what Bruce calls “The Fog”.

As the fog began to break apart around them in an almost electronic way, long horizontal lines appeared around them and blue sky appeared between them. Within eight seconds, the lines widened and the fog disappeared. Bruce and his crew, shocked, landed at Palm Beach.

Fashion Designer Vanishes in January, 2013

In 2013, the acclaimed Italian fashion designer Vittorio Missoni and five companions boarded a BN-2 Islander aircraft heading for Caracas, Venezuela. About 11 minutes after the plane set off from the Los Roques Island chain, it simply vanished into thin air and absolutely no trace of the plane or bodies were ever recovered. The deaths were strangely reported around a whole month later.

The Good News: The Recent Lull in Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

Since 2013, there haven’t been any disappearances. Could this be because of technological advances in navigation? Are our GPSs combatting the dangers of this area? Or has the danger zone moved due to the earth’s shifting “agonic line”, which disrupt compass function? The mystery remains to be solved!

Some of the Key Bermuda Triangle Theories

Natural Explanations

One of the natural explanations for the strange occurrences around the Bermuda Triangle area include the methane hydrate fields. Methane hydrate are solids that are found on continental shelves. These fields can erupt and produce ship-sized bubbles that cause ships to sink by decreasing the density of the water, according to studies.

A lump of methane hydrate like those found in The Bermuda Triangle area

Squalls are potent, localized storms that may bring sudden violent gusts of wind, rain, snow or sleet. Hurricanes are storms of over 12 in wind force on the Beaufort scale, and produce a violent wind that can manifest as tropical cyclones in the Caribbean. Squalls may occur so quickly that they don’t get picked up by modern equipment. Many of the accidents in the Bermuda Triangle have been blamed on them.

Freak waves, the Gulf Stream, water sprouts, sudden electrical and thunder storms and other weather patterns have also been blamed. Inexperienced navigators and smaller boats and planes may certainly fall prey to them.

In 2005, aerial photos of a phosphorescent, glowing water phenomenon were snapped in the Triangle. What causes this to occur is still a mystery, despite our considerable scientific knowledge!

Remember Bruce Gernon’s “Fog”? Well a theory certainly grew from him and his crew’s experiences flying through those clouds. However, many others have reported seeing portals opening in cloudy skies, lights (like Columbus and his friends) and other seemingly paranormal phenomenon! Time travel-tastic.

Acts of Man

Human error, as well as piracy and other deliberate acts of destruction have also been blamed for many of the interesting happenings that have taken place over the years. Nazis, drug smugglers, and terrorists have all been investigated.

Supernatural Theories

One theory to add to the list of supernatural explanations is that of UFOs. This idea was explored in the Spielberg film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Another is that there is leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis in the region. Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic predicted that evidence from Atlantis would be found in 1968 or 1969. The Bimini Road did indeed find a submerged rock formation off the island of Bimini close by, and believers think it may be the remains of the lost continent.

Lastly… for something completely different, and just as Bizarre as the unexplained disappearances, I leave you all with some “unexplained” music videos about The Bermuda Triangle!! 

Have you heard Crush and DEAN’s song Bermuda Triange? 😉 It’s the latest rap out of South Korea!….hahaha….

And then there’s the classic from Barry Manilow! 😉 Which is not at all similar…”what were these guys thinking, when they made these songs?”

Thanks for reading our article! Which theory do you think is correct? Please comment below 🙂

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