The Beatles Isolated Vocal Tracks: Abbey Road Medley

The Abbey Road Medley, one of the greatest musical pieces ever put together. Fantastic, sublime, exceptional, mind blowing, stunning: all words that can be used to describe it. Never before or since has another band done something so extraordinary as what The Beatles did on Abbey Road but it just got a whole lot better with this isolated vocal track from the entire Medley.

With the music stripped away you’re able to hear the power of the vocals in their raw and isolated state but also backing vocals and double tracked vocals as well. In some cases you can hear Paul or John talk between verses or sentences which are completely inaudible in the final studio version. This is one of those isolated tracks that just needs to be heard:

It’s sometimes difficult to wrap your mind around how great The Beatles were not only as musicians and songwriters but as singers too. It’s one of those things you can listen to over and over, and just like their music, pick up on things you might not have heard the first time. Enjoy.




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