Teena Clipston: Our Favorite Sailor

Award-winning humanitarian, sailor, entrepreneur, writer and promoter Teena Clipston has lived an extraordinary life.

So much so, that there is a movie being created about the experiences she had growing up.

Teena´s sparkled in the music industry, the publishing industry, and has made some amazingly brave decisions in her life—moving into the world of sailing and entrepreneurship is one of them.

She’s now literally running her own show at CruiserTV, where she interviews people who are really living the dream: those that are “on anchor in a bay somewhere, floating on crystal-blue water, fishing for their dinner” on a permanent basis—a place where Teena has fought to be.

Teena discovered the sailing lifestyle in her late teens. Leaving Florida, she went along for the ride past the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos to arrive in Haiti.

This was her intimate love-at-first-sight moment with the ocean, and something changed inside her. Check out Teena in this interview:

The Caribbean and the sea have been seductively pulling her back ever since.

It´s funny how life can lead you in different directions.

Teena´s spent months under a wooden 1959, 35-foot pilothouse sloop, giving it a full re-fit and meticulously caring for its original cedar interior; she´s lived the publishing life, sat at a computer most of the day through many a Canadian winter and had hundreds of her articles published; she’s managed bands (and founded the Okanagan Musician Awards in Kelowna, British Colombia).

And now she´s settled near her favorite urban place in the world: Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

She’s spent years crewing sailing vessels and decided to make sailing her life, to find herself alongside the nature-loving community we call our own.

She really has the sailing communities’ back, and she feels very connected to those that are choosing to go in this direction.

It because it has given her the peace she needed in her life.

Teena was born into an abusive, violent home that she was forced to escape from.

She fell into the hands of a family that took her under their wing: a large Montreal mafia family. Now she had a roof over her head and a job, but her life was still not easy.

She finally split for Kelowna, British Colombia and built her life again from scratch.

The nonfictional novel Slave to the Farm by Erika Tafel tells the tale of her early life and a major motion picture is underway based on the book.

Teena can also now be seen in front of the camera on a very regular basis on CruiserTV, a project she started in early 2016 with Ana Cecelia, a Brazilian sailor based out of Panama.

Not only do I love what Teena is doing with her time (check out her videos!) and her attitude to life, but I love her story of strength and survival. She inspires the hell out of me.

There´s a reason why there are over 200 other liveaboards embarking on this adventure of living on the sea on her website.

And I think her advice to those wanting to get onboard is poignant: “shun the naysayers and surround yourself with people who are already doing what you´d love to do.

They will give you a push in the right direction, a boost of confidence, and everything you need to learn to fulfill your dream”.

I hope to collaborate with Teena more in the future. I hope you´ll support her, too. Here is the link to her site, as well as her Twitter and Facebook.

Teena also has a new Patreon artist page. If you want to support her endeavors, become a Patreon here.

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