Catching Up With Tasha From Part 6

Me: Is there anything more you’d like to add?

Tasha: People often ask me how to make the leap, especially women, if you’re afraid.

And the place I am in now isn’t exactly an adventure lifestyle choice, I’ve been thrown into having to make some decisions about my life like going forward alone, and there is a lot about the choices I’ve made in the past were made in that way not because I’m fearless – I have a lot of fear and anxiety – but I think that it’s just that I recognize those fears and just choose to move past them.

I have, over time and through experience, come to know that even though I can’t predict what’s going to happen, I have what it takes to figure out what to do about the problem when it arises. The unknown. It’s still kind of scary, but it’s something that I can not only recognize but know that I will figure out how to deal with it.

I think that’s the part of me that I’m trying to hold onto right now as I’m trying to move forward on my own: knowing that it’s scary and I’m terrified, but I can pursue what I love and make it out there alone.

And that’s the advice I pass on to others, too.

Image result for tasha turf to surf

Tasha on the bow on the Strait of Gibraltar

Support from those around you is also key. The boat show was amazing for me because I’ve been hiding from that community for about six months now.

Being able to tell people in person before telling people online was a big help to me because I wasn’t really sure how to approach it.

And then going to the boat show and being grabbed by people and telling them my story and having them tell me their stories really helped me and gave me a huge amount of love and confidence. I really love that community so I’m working towards being a part of it again instead of hiding from it.

Finding the right community is very important.

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