Catching Up With Tasha From Part 4

Me: You mentioned that you’re thinking about opening a cafe. Are you going to take this opportunity to change what you’re doing work wise, as well?

Tasha: My passion is doing creative work. So I’m trying to slowly gain momentum with that. I’ve been writing and making films. I see the cafe as a kind of little side project. It came up because a girl who I actually met at a Cheryl Strayed writing workshop two years ago suggested it.

I’ve stayed in touch with a few women from that camp and we’re very close. Have you heard of Cheryl Strayed? She wrote the book Wild, which was turned into a movie. She has a podcast called Dear Sugar. She’s quite an amazing person as well as a writer and her camp happened at a time when I’d just sold my company and wanted to do more creatively.

I went there after I left Tahiti and while we were there, me and my friend kind of hashed out a business plan together. .

She’ll be doing most of the work, though, so I don’t expect it to take up a lot of my time, and so my plan is to get back to doing more creative work. I think that’s where I feel most fulfilled.

Tasha on a rib

Me: What do some of the people you left behind feel about the success that you’ve had?

Tasha: My family eventually adjusted but I think I kind of baffled them. At the beginning, they thought that the choices I was making here risky choices and they were constantly worried about me.

My friends just thought I was kinda crazy and trying to get away from my parents. My parents, as much as I love them, were extremely religious. I kind of grew up in this little Christian community but worked out from a young age how to escape from that world and make friends, friends from other backgrounds, which motivated me further.

It was like the further away from my parents I got, the more independent I was. So even though they were telling me what I should be doing, I didn’t have to pay as much attention to it while I was off traveling the world.

So there were a lot of reason that lead me to pursue something completely different. Even though to some people it seems like a totally radical lifestyle, to me it makes sense and even now, I’m not the sort of person who likes to stay in one place for a long time.

I’ve designed my life around what inspired me. I could never live in one town for the rest of my life – maybe when I’m older, but I’m looking for something new and interested and that motivates me to move and change by surroundings and change my friends.

I guess that’s the crux of it.

More in Part 5, coming soon!

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