Catching Up With Tasha From Part 3

Me: So what’s your plan for the next six months or so?

Tasha: I’ve been kind of hiding from social media for the last six months. My husband and I split up so I’m renting a house in Tahoe for a year. I love the mountains here, and I love skiing…

I have a friend who lives on Maui, Hawaii, and I’m starting a little coffee shop there with her, so I’ll be heading out there soon.

I’m also in the market for a small boat so I can try my hand at solo sailing for a while. I’m looking at going to the West Coast and sailing down to Mexico and exploring the Sea of Cortez.

Me: So do you think you’ll change your lifestyle in the future?

Tasha: Well… my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. We were trying for a few years while we were sailing, but the priority for my husband was sailing around the world. And as I was getting older, I was getting more stressed out about the idea of having kids.

And it turned out that Ryan and I had some genetic complications, so we went into doing IVF.

But it was very difficult. I was on the hormones while I was on the boat, and that was difficult for me with regards to anxiety and depression. Doing those hormones was really hard and Ryan didn’t really understand what I was going through. We were fighting a lot and eventually he said he wanted a divorce and asked me to leave the boat when we went back to it.

Tasha on the ocean

So now I’m in a place where I’m trying to figure out if I want to have a child on my own. It’s something that became a priority for me while I was on the boat. I’m now at the 11th hour trying to figure everything out…

I have no qualms about having a child on a boat, or having a child in my life, it’s more about me being alone now again.

It’s not an easy decision to come to.

During the last six months as I’ve shared my struggles with people I’ve also received back a lot of stories about how badly things can go in relationships sometimes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this situation is anything that unusual, but it has been very challenging for me, so I’m taking a little time out.

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