Surfing Sailboat

Captain Raf and Duke are taking out a group of tourists on their 40′ sailboat for an ash scattering ceremony in Waikiki Harbor when a huge set rolls into the channel, outside the

harbor buoy. With no time to avoid the waves, Captain Raf faces the swell head-on while Duke holds onto the mast for dear life. The only possible thing to do is to go head on into

the wave, so that you have a chance of saving this boat.  If a wave was to hit broadside it would naturally flip it and it would be the end of that!! If you notice the surfers close by

watching this unfold, you have to wonder what was going through their minds; ” is this dude trying to surf his sailboat!?” As a sailor, looking at this video is terrifying, you

automatically feel what you would do, or try to do to survive this situation. You actually feel for your fellow sailor and the trauma his boat could go through.  It just goes to show that

navigating a sailboat or any boat for that matter, takes concentration and paying attention to everything around you, current,wind, boat maneuverability, tides, and Yes surf!  I just

can’t imagine what Captain Raf was thinking to get him in this predicament. The story has a happy ending, the boat was fine afterwards except for a few broken bottles and spilled

food down below, and soaked rugs, but other than that Captain Raf and Dukes nerves were shot for the day that they needed to unwind with a few shots of rum and some beer.  I

don’t know whats more exciting, watching guys surf or

watching a sailboat surf?  This is another reason why, “surfers should not be

Sailors!”   Check out this madness!!





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