Somali Pirates Make Fatal Choice

In the Indian Ocean, home to some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, a war rages between Somali pirates, who have attacked 800 ships and taken 3,400 hostages in the past four years, and private security firms, some run by Americans, that are deploying an increasing number of heavily armed guards aboard those ships.

Since 2008, pirates operating off East Africa have successfully hijacked 170 ships, costing the global economy as much as $12 billion per year, killing dozens of hostages and holding the ships and their crews for ransoms of up to $9.5 million. At least 11 vessels and 188 hostages are still being held by pirates, and a hostage held for two years was executed just a week ago when his ship’s owners failed to pay his ransom quickly enough.

For now, at least, the security firms and their armed guards appear to be winning the war — and earning millions. Just check out this video of Private Maritime Security fire “warning shots” that are actually “shoot to kill”shots!!




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