The Minor That Sailed The World, On Her Own!

The Court Cases Were Harder Than the Trip, Says Laura Dekker

You might have heard of Laura Dekker. At the age of 8, she started working in her free time so she could buy a boat. At age 11, after cleaning, doing performing arts – anything she could, to save up money, she bought her very own boat!

Laura disappeared on her own and sailed to the UK at 13. She then started fixing up a larger sailboat with her dad age 14, with plans to sail around the world and quench her ever-growing desire to sail further afield.

Her dad is the one who taught her everything she could want to know about sailing – enough to be able to travel across the Pacific and around the entire globe, solo! But before she could start her journey, the child protection authorities in her country held her back, and there was a national campaign to prevent her from casting off. After over a year of court cases, she won. Here’s more about this amazing girl’s trip around the world.

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