30 Remedies for Seasickness (Part 2/2)

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In Part 1, we covered all those natural remedies for seasicki-icky-ness.

Now let’s look at the medicines you can buy at the drug store, kids, tips and combos!



Scopolamine Patches

Scopolamine Patches are another drug-based remedy in the form of patches that are placed on the skin behind the ear 4 hours before its effects will be needed.

Each patch lasts for 3 days.

Drowsiness, blurred vision and a dry mouth are some of the side effects.

Bonine – The Right Way to Do It

Alesandra Dubin’s scuba certification process was one of the most harrowing physical experiences of her life. She did her test off Catalina Island, 26 miles offshore from L.A. and everyone around her was dropping like flies on the first weekend out, thanks to extremely turbulent waters.

Dubin says she’s cracked the seasickness code.

You don’t take it as indicated on the label. You take it the night before you’ll be on the water, so the medication is coursing through your system. Then again an hour before you go out to sea.

When you’re fired up, she says—like when on a scuba trip. this is a great method. She tried the same dosage and time frame again on vacation, and found that she slept all day on the beach. So bare in mind that you may get drowsy.

Sea Legs

Sea Legs is another medicine which contains an active ingredient from the antihistamines family, Meclozine Hydrochloride.

Histamine receptors can be found in the “vomiting center” area of the brain, so Sea Legs prevents the brain from sending nerve messages to the stomach that make you throw up.

Will it make you drowsy? Yes, probably.

Paihia Bombers

This two-pill system is dubbed one of the best anti-seasickness products on the market.

The first pill is an antihistamine-based pill. The second is a caffeine derivative, so you don’t get sick, or drowsy either.

Fishermen swear by them. They are only available from the Paihia Pharmacy (in the Bay of Islands).

Check ’em out!

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Some of the remedies above are suitable for children.

But what else can you do to be ultra-prepared?

Green Apples and Ginger Snaps

One parent from the Cruise Critic Message Board said:

“We always always traveled with green apples and ginger snaps (the ones from Trader Joe’s are fantastic!) to help with the upset tummies.”·

Popcorn, Fresh Air and a Comfortable Lounger

One mother also said:

“·My daughter, who is prone to seasickness, says that what really helps her most is getting outside in the fresh air. We had rough seas on our last cruise, and she would start feeling bad during dinner. She would skip dessert and sit in a lounger outside on Lido with the popcorn they prepared for the big screen movies and ice water, and she quickly felt better. She did not take seasickness meds on that cruise because she didn’t like how they made her feel and found that the fresh air worked even better.”

Don’t Assume The Worst, But Prepare For It

Another parent said:

“First of all, don’t assume your child will get seasick. Does your child get carsick or airsick? Does he get sick on amusement park rides?

We took our youngest at 5 and it was really rough and people all around were sick. He just thought the ship rocking was fun and thought all the barf bags were nasty . Neither of our grandkids had a problem either on their first cruises.

If you don’t bring it up then there is no chance of creating anxiety in them that will only make it worse.

But, go prepared. Bonine makes a berry flavored kids version. I would start with the non-drug approaches and work up to the Bonine if they don’t work.​​​​​​”


  1. The evening before your boating excursion, avoid alcohol, fatty and spicy foods. Get a good night’s sleep.
  2. If possible, sleep on board the boat the night before departure.
  3. Read medication directions carefully – you are advised to take most seasickness medication before boarding. Taking the meds the day before will also help your body to adjust and you will know if you are going to suffer any side effects.
  4. If you are in a competition of some description, check that the medication’s ingredients are not banned substances for that event.
  5. Find the part of the boat with the least motion – usually, it’s the center of the boat, or if on a larger vessel or ship, the lower deck.
  6. Stay out in the fresh air and take slow, deep breaths.
  7. Watch a fixed point on the horizon – a land point where possible. The more land you can see, the less chance there is of you becoming sick.
  8. Keep away from engine fumes, cooking smells, or anything else that might be too stimulating when you’re feeling queasy.
  9. Don’t do any activities that involve looking at things close-up (like looking through binoculars; reading a book or magazine.
  10. Avoid cramped spaces.
  11. Prevent anxiety and fatigue.
  12. Occupy your mind, focusing on something other than being seasick or vomiting.
  13. When you first start feeling queasy, eat a snack. Try a dry savory cracker, ginger cookies, bread or non-acidic fruit. Avoid fatty and salty foods.
  14. Drink plenty of water (or ginger ale!). A small beer may help you relax but drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  15. Don’t talk about seasickness!
  16. If you are about to vomit do so from the leeward side of the boat, if safe, not the windward side (you get your own back, so to speak).

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At the end of the day, you’ll need to experiment to find what works for you and your body. You might find one solution that works perfectly for you!

But here are a few combination to try if not:

Combo 1: For Mild Sea Sickness

  • Sea-bands
  • Hyland’s Motion Sickness Relief Tablets

Combo 2: For Moderate Sea Sickness

  • The Relief Band Explorer
  • Ginger: Sailor’s Secret Premium Ginger, Blackmore’s Travel Calm Ginger, or Ale

Combo 3: For Intense Sea Sickness

  • Paihai Bombers (or other drug-based formula)
  • Quease Ease


Have a wonderful, nausea-free journey!



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