Some Seals Just Don´t Take a Hint/Sailing The Galapagos Islands

Some boats are just perfect seal relaxation zones, aren´t they. S/V La Vagabonde is one of those, attracting a number of these interesting creatures while they were in the Galapagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago about 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador. Its isolated terrain makes it one of the most diverse areas for both plant and animal species in the world, and a great place to go if you like wildlife spotting.

There are around 33 species of seals out there in the world. They are believed to have evolved from land-based bear or otter-like ancestors, but they´re now found in most waters of the world, including the Arctic, Antarctic and some regions of the tropics. They have been hunted over the ages for their meat, blubber and fur coats, but they´re now protected by international law, the little nippers.

Check out the video to see two almost identical Aussie sailing couples, some fine seals, and the beauty of these islands.


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