Know What Sailing Analytics You Could Be Using Soon?

To help Sailing teams get to grips with the new foiling boats, hyper-sensitive sensors have been fitted to certain fleets that tell sailors how high above the water they are, plus crucial information about the angle of the boat.

Thousands of readings are then transmitted from the boats to SAP’s data hub where clever algorithms turn them into understandable information. Never before have professional sailors been presented with so many figures with which to fine-tune their performance, and help them put on a thrilling show for fans around the world.

SAP is a German software company that is especially well-known for its Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) and data management programs, but, “SAP sailing analytics?!” You might say. Well, yes, it’s here! Sensors are fitted to the hull to find out what the optimum foiling height is, and track vessels  with more advanced technology than ever before. Might all vessels get sold with SAP data in the future? Could this technology become important for navigation or become a useful tool for the layman? Check out the video for information about how it’s being used right now.

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