Sailor Pats Shark Like It’s a Cat

Some sailors are more ballsy than you might believe. This video shows a man reaching out his hand and gently stroking a shark as if it were a cat.

The shark, with it’s razor-sharp teeth, rolls its eyes back and makes a circular motion with its head.

One fan of the video said: “Is it strange that I find it cute?” Another wrote, “Dawwwww. Poor widdle sharkiepoo.”

Others were impressed with the courage of the sailor. I certainly am, too. But then again, touching a live shark and feeling the texture of its skin is certainly a once in a lifetime


A great white shark is nothing to mess around with. They’re pretty much the deadliest aquatic hunters in the world. While humans aren’t the preferred prey of great whites, these

creatures are responsible for the majority of shark attacks on humans.

When you see one of these oceanic killing machines swimming towards you, the best advice is to run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Unless, of course, you’re this guy.

If I had the chance, I think I would also want to reach out my hand and slide it over a real shark’s flesh. Would you?

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