Sailing on the Top of the World: Lake Titicaca, Part 3/3

Hello again! Here´s Part 3 of your series, looking at the boaty and touristy experiences you can enjoy on Lake Titicaca.

Sailing on Lake Titicaca

Peru has become such a popular tourist destination in recent years. And Lake Titicaca is one of Peru and Bolivia´s most famous landmarks, along with Machu Pichu (in Peru).

But this lake, which is half the size of Lake Ontario, has average water temperatures of 50 to 57 degrees, as well as arctic blasts that come from the surrounding mountains sending the nighttime air temperature to well below freezing. Gale force winds are not uncommon, either.

But you can enjoy a daysail or an overnight excursion with the captain of Thaya, a Hunter 31, any time of the year through Inkasailing, a chartering company. You can visit villages, beaches, Taquile and Tikonata islands with them. Departures are from Puno and are combined with stays on land.

July-September windspeeds average 8-15 knots. The average year-round air temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to Stay

I love boats. Especially old boats, like Yavari, the 150-year-old British gunboat that has been turned into a B&B. Yavari was almost a gonner, until it was rescued by an amazing Englishwoman Meriel Larken. She bought the remains of the ship in the 90s and her and a team of Peruvians have restored its great oil engine, polished the Victorian brass work and varnished the wood cabins.

You can also talk to the first female captain in the Peruvian merchant navy, Giselle Guldentops, while you´re there, because she´s Yavari´s captain. To stay on Yavari, it costs $38 per night.

What Else to See

The Uros Islands, or Floating Islands are the reed islands described above. There are over 40 different reed islands to explore. The people who inhabit the islands are very hospitable.

Taquile Island (Isla Taquile) is an interesting island on the Peruvian side of the lake. Tourism is strictly controlled on this island by the elderly people, who will show you where you can eat and stay the night.

You can get to Taquile from Puno for around $10. There are daily cruises. They usually stop off at one of the floating islands on the way.

Island of the Sun (Isla del Sol) is the largest island on the lake. It´s easiest to get to from Copacabana, which is on the Bolivian side. The Gold Museum and the Fountain of Youth are worth visiting.

Amantani Island (Isla Amantani) is close to Taquile Island, but it´s much more traditional. The elderly people control the tourism there, too, but there is a party there every night to experience if you stay overnight. You will dress up in traditional attire and the local people will help you learn one of their traditional dances.

If you´d be interested in taking you on a sailing tour of Lake Titicaca, please let us know!



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