When Sailing Was Real Hard – Sailors´ Stories/a short video

The era of from sailing as a primary means of intercontinental commerce and transport saw its end with the introduction of steamships which made transatlantic journeys between Europe and the United States. The cusp of this transition occurred just before the 1830’s, when the Black Baller sailing ships transported immigrants to the new world from Europe into New York Harbor.   It became a tradition of sorts for people to come to the docks and see the vessels off every first and sixteenth day each month. It is an image which stood at the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one – that of the steam engine. Of course, the art of sailing has lived on along with our knowledge of its long and significant history. When you call someone a sailor, the word brings with it a certain status. She who is a true sailor has mastered the wind. She has respect for it and for those who came before her in the evolution of an art-form. Culture and sailing have been intertwined throughout history. I’ll go so far as to say that certain aspects of culture would not have evolved the way they did had it not been for the evolution of the sailboat.    It´s easy to love sailing now. You can choose when you set sail, stop for the night, where you go, and who with. But there were times when sailors sailed for work, and they had a difficult life. Check out some of these amazing sailors´ tales from the great sailing ship era.


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