Sailing on Your Phone

Sailaway doesn’t skimp on realism. You’ll be traveling across Earth-scale oceans in real time; your boat will continue traveling on its journey even when you’re offline. You’ll need to manage your sails, outhaul, and other parts of a realistic sailboat, while keeping an eye on wind speed, water speed, depth of the water, and other elements.   The other simulator is Top Sailor which is a highly realistic sailing and motorboat simulator as well. Take Top Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy. Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practise sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gybing. Improve navigation skills, sail race strategy and tactics.  Captain Gino is intrigued. While he’s a happy cruiser and not really a racer, why wouldn’t you want to give this a go. Sailing with your fingers! This is a game, a sailing simulator with it’s own online player scores. Check out how it works.


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