Gino’s Sailing Book Review Part 2

Hey! In Part 1, I reviewed a bunch of non-fiction titles. Here’s the fiction for you now!

Fiction Titles

I don’t read as much fiction as I would like to, but novels related to the sea are what I almost always go for. Here are seven of my favorites. I get them all in digital format.

The Boat Thief (Volume 1) by MD Lee

This page turner is a great adventure fantasy. It would also work for a younger audience, especially since the boy in the book, Fisher, has a crush, and there is emphasis on caring for others, making good decisions and the importance of family.

Living the Code: An American Outlaw in the Caribbean by Bill Goodwin

Since I’m a bit of rebel at heart (can you tell), I was interested in finding out how this book would thrill me (or not!). It was easy to read, and the characters were all believable and kept my nose in this book more than I was expecting.

Nautical Miles by N.L. LaFoille

I like to read books by women. I actually started reading it in bed, which was a bit of a mistake, because it kept me up till three in the morning for a couple of nights. I loved the suspense, how quickly it pulled me in, and the fact that it includes pirates, of course. I enjoy a little romance from time to time. Haha.

Dead Reckoning by Tom Wright

The post-apocalytic world this novel is set in held my attention well and there were also a few humorous moments, plenty of action, and lots of meteorology and sailing content. The characters were great.

The Raft (The Barefoot Detective Book 1) by Christopher Blankley

I picked up this book because it was high on the list of Amazon sailing fiction books and it was free. I like a bit of murder and detective action. I was also intrigued by how Blankley, who mostly writes about zombies, was going to pull this off. I liked what he did with this book.

Stormsinger (Storms in Amethir Book 1) by Stephanie A. Cain

Here is another female writer writing about a female main character in a mystery novel. I also picked this one up for free. It’s short, like a novella. I will certainly go back for more, because the world Cain created her was very entertaining. It pulled me in and some of the characters were intriguing.

Rigged for Murder (Windjammer Mystery Series Book 1) by Jenifer LeClair

Now this novel kept me guessing, and had plenty of action. I couldn’t resist reading it because I knew that LeClair is a long-time sailor and an award winner. It was also free. It let me escape into a nautical world for a little while during a few rainy nights next to my wife.

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