Sailing 7,000 Year-Old Technology

Wind+Wing Sailing Technology

“The test results were conclusive for a test vessel traveling at seven knots though open water; by using this wind assist technology, a significant percentage of the fuel burned is saved, with a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gases, toxic and criteria pollutant emissions, and fuel costs.”

“It’s coming back to replace ferries! But have you ever seen a ferry, or a sailing boat like this? This is the cleantech, smartphone version of a sailing ferry!”

Wind+Wing Technologies has developed wind-assisted applications for both the passenger vessel and commercial shipping industries that increase efficiency and operator profits. Both industries suffer from reliance on traditional fuels, causing operators to spend the majority of their budget resources on fuel. 

Wind+Wing Technologies’ advanced wing design automatically harnesses wind power and transforms it into propulsion – resulting in far more efficient transportation. The concept offers drastic reductions on fuel costs – which increases profits and reduces emissions – all in a safe, reliable and robust user experience. It’s an investment in our community’s future, a leap into tomorrow, and our wind…at its best. Check it out!!


The Physics of Sailing

Do Sailors Need Assistance?

Know What Sailing Analytics You Could Be Using Soon?





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  • Love the tech. What are the windage contingencies for storms?