Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator

Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator Early Access Launch Trailer

Whatever your sailing dream; Sailaway has been created to allow you to make these dreams come true.

The thrill of traveling the ocean has captured our attention for millennia, across cultures and continents. From the westward journeys toward a new world to the harrowing quests

of circling the globe or reaching the poles, sailing these vast blue expanses has long been tied to adventure and discovery.

Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!

It’s also one of a simulated sailboat where the player must manage and control every major part of the vessel from trim line to outhaul. And one of sailing upon a sea where shallows

and shores and currents and waves must all be considered and navigated. It’s a game about sailing, not merely a game with sailing.

Sailaway promises a scale where sailing across the Atlantic or Pacific will take hours and weeks, your ship continuing its journey even when you’re offline; navigating by nautical

maps, you’ll be able to study the currents, depths, and most importantly the weather. Interestingly, Sailaway‘s weather is abstracted from NOAA data, so a storm in reality will result

in a digital storm, and vice versa with high pressure areas and periods of calm.

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Check out the Steam Early Access trailer for Sailaway The Sailing Simulator.

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