Restaurant Review: Foodie Meets American Iron Chef Michael Symon

Have you ever spent time with a chef you just absolutely adore, in their brand-new-not-even-open-to-the-public-yet gourmet restaurant?

I did just that this weekend.

And you have to check out this restaurant when it opens on May 6.

It is spettacolare!!!!

Angeline is going to officially open on May, 6

Now before we talk about anything else, let’s talk about Angeline.

Angeline is Michael’s mom.

And in Italian culture, moms not only hold a special place in the family—they hold a unique place in our hearts.

And the way they cook usually melts your heart more than anything else.

And what’s more, most Italian mom’s have a natural gift in the kitchen.

Which is why Michael has named his new restaurant in the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa after her.

Of course!

So I was invited to a private sitting with Michael Symon and his mother.

I took my family, and we had a delectable time tasting and spooning in the finest Italian food in New Jersey. No, on the East Coast! Or maybe even anywhere.

A Little Secret Between You and Me

The food you see here may or may not appear on the final menu. The menu isn’t available to the public yet. Not online, not anywhere.

So what did we have?

We had a mouth-wateringly robust, tender Rib-eye steak with a side of grilled asparagus. The juicy steak was immensely well prepared. I haven’t had such a good steak in months.

Also on our table was the most perfect, medium-rare veal chop I have ever encountered. The texture won me over.

An amaaazing veal chop from Michael’s menu

We also had polenta.

Have you ever had polenta?

It’s a cornmeal  used in Italian cooking, which is boiled in water and salt and then typically baked or grilled.

This polenta was surrounded by wonderfully rich and famous Italian marinara sauce whose recipe comes from Michael’s mom. It was astonishing. Truly impressive.

Next up was the best pasta I’ve ever tasted!  A Handmade Gemelli (twins) pasta with Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe in a garlic and oil,.. it’s something else, but you’ve no idea.

This dish was catastrophically delectable!

My kids Gino and Valerie, looking forward to their meal

Broccoli rabe is one of my favorite vegetables.

Have you tasted it?

It’s a vegetable related to the turnip believe it or not.  It’s grown for its broccoli-like buds and bitter-flavored greens.

Then, the roasted brussel sprouts and the rounded off the meal.

And the ananchini…!

Aranchini are stuffed rice balls, generally with tender ground beef, Mozzarella, and peas coated in bread crumbs and then lightly fried. Magnificent.

Oh, no—wait!

I’m forgetting the lunchmeat and cheese board, which consisted of Prosciutto Di Parma, Salami Di Genoa, Pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola,

and a fig spread with some wild bee honey and pignoli nuts,… !…… And mom’s meatballs!

Okay, so let’s start with the board. Oh my god!

What a Cheese Board !! …tell ya the truth, I could have been satisfied with this cheese board alone!

My kids loved it too!

My wife Lucy with Valerie and Gino

I know you will be blown away by the meatballs, though.

Because there is nothing more quintessentially Italian and satisfying. When you go to Angeline’s you must try the meatballs.

We had a great time. You have to check this place out.

Here’s what Angeline, Michael and my family look like together.

Me, Michael Symon, his Mother Angeline and my wife Lucy


The whole family with Michael and Angeline

Me and the General Manager, Frank Ritz

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  • Lucky you – what a great night! So glad you were able to experience a little bit of the awesomeness of one of CLE’s favorite chefs. This sounds like a perfect excuse for a road trip. Thanks for sharing.