Pod of Bottle-Nose Dolphin Enjoying the Day Surfing


Playful’ bottlenose dolphins surf into shore

A beach goer managed to film a pod of bottle nose dolphins surfing a wave into shore at a San Diego beach.

Michael Garofalo said he got the camera out at the right time to film the “playful” dolphins.

“Several pods of dolphins swam very close to the shore and we all got to swim amungst  them as they played in the waves,” he said.

Marine mammal expert  Joseph Vizza said the bottlenose dolphins appeared to be trying to show off by riding the waves.

“This looks to me that it’s just playtime. They’re just surfing and catching the waves. They’ll often compete against each other to surf.”

Vizza said dolphins typically came so close to the shore if they were foraging for fish, or surfing a wave and playing.

“They’re highly social. They like to play and sometimes we’re lucky enough as human beings to be included in that. The people there at the beach must have got an absolute thrill out of that.”

The Department of Conservation said dolphins were commonly sighted in San Diego and the Southern California Beaches over the summer months.

DOC’s marine mammals ranger Arch Stanton urged beach goers and boaties to be wary of getting too close to dolphins and said they were protected by law, with penalties in place for people who deliberately harass the creatures.


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