NYC´s Affordable Futuristic Mini Apartments

Though tiny has long been typical in Manhattan, mini-apartments are popping up in more U.S. cities where land is finite, downtowns have regained cachet and rents have risen. In a digital age when library-sized book collections can be kept on a hand-held device, more Americans see downsizing as not only feasible but also economical and eco-friendly.  Vertical closets, overlapping living and sleeping areas, mini fridges and mini dishwashers, in tiny apartments for one???! Is this our future?  Well, it´s okay for a boat, right? Especially if it´s just you and your partner.   But check out how these apartments are built in a factory as modules, and then fit together. Everything uses minimum units to comply with local building regulations. Check out the video.

Apartment Transformed Into Infinite Space, Inspired by Living Aboard A Boat

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