Nomadic Matt’s Traveling Tips For Seniors: Part 2 of 3

Hey! Welcome back to my interview with Nomadic Matt article.

In Part 1, we covered what Matt was afraid of when it came to traveling, before he hit the road and never turned back… As well as what eased those fears.

In this second section, you’ll find out about the cool “seniors” Matt has met while he’s been traveling, places to avoid, and what Matt would be afraid of if he was a senior.

  1. Could you tell me a story about someone interesting and inspiring that you’ve met during your travels that was over 60? What was it about them that inspired you?

I’ve written all about the favorite older traveling couple I met on the road on my blog. Their names are Don and Alison. He’s 70, and she’s 63. When Don retired, they didn’t have enough savings to keep their house and do the kind of travel they wanted to do.

Matt traveling with a group

When I met them, they’d been on the road for two years, and had no plans to change their lifestyle.

Here’s more about their story.

And here are some others that have been featured on my site:

  1. In your opinion, is there any justification as to why people over 60 are scared of travelling? What countries would you avoid if you were that age?

Anyone can really travel anywhere.

Think about it, all over the world, you’ll find locals of all ages from infants to great-grandparents. So why would the traveling population be any different?

Take Thailand. You could easily say that Thailand is full of young college grads, so older travelers shouldn’t go there, but if you go to Thailand, you’ll see that there are plenty of older travelers on the beach, wandering through the markets, and sipping Thai iced teas in cafes around the country.

Something to keep in mind as an older traveler would be comfort. You may not want to sleep in hostels (or you may want to) or Couchsurf.

You’ll also need to consider any personal dietary or movement limitations and factor that in.

Matt in Patagonia

One last thing to consider would be how important comfortable places to sleep and reliable plumbing are for you.

It’s not all limiting as you get older… There are some definite plus sides to being a senior on the road. For example, when it comes to house-sitting, you’re automatically deemed more trustworthy if you’re older.

You can also use senior discounts to keep the costs low. And, if you’re retired, you don’t have to worry about taking vacation time from work to travel – you can just go for as long as you want!

  1. Let’s fast forward 40 (or so) years. What do you think your deepest fears would be regarding traveling as a senior, knowing what you know now about traveling the world?

Knowing what I know now, I don’t think I’d have any real fears.

Any fear that I had about traveling quickly dissipated once I hit the road. So I’m not quick to be afraid anymore. I don’t even think the stigma of being older at a hostel would bother me, because I’ve found some of the older people at hostels the most interesting to talk to.

Looking ahead, I’d probably want to make sure I could get a good night’s sleep while on the road, so I’d want to make sure I’d budget for private rooms.

Check out Part 3 for Matt’s best tips and tricks on budget travel for retirees and senior citizens.

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