Scuba Diving in The Bahamas, With Sharks!

Stuart Cove’s Shark Adventure is a  dive program which introduces thrill seeking divers to wild sharks and provides you a close up look at these magnificent and misunderstood creatures.

There are currently four sites where we dive with the sharks. You will dive either the combination of “Shark Wall” and “The Arena” or the combination of “Shark Wall North” and “The Runway”. At either location you will encounter a gathering of Caribbean Reef Sharks on a consistent basis.

If you’re heading to the Bahamas, what about doing some shark spotting for a bit of adventure? This is what to expect:

Sailor Pats Shark Like It’s a Cat

Why Did The Fish Cross The Road?…..Salmon Cross Flooded Road in Washington State

Man Saves Dingo (Dog) By Punching Out Kangaroo




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