Confession: Why and How I’m Writing My First Book, Part 1

I really believe that life is worth living, and living well. So when I sat down early this summer and thought about how much I’ve always wanted to write a book, and realized it was probably time to make a start, it felt great. I certainly don’t want to be a hypocrite. And living well and achieving your ultimate goals go hand in hand. They shouldn’t be something you put off and daydream about. That’s just the way I see things.

So I wanted to share this amazing process that I’ve been going through during the last six months or so. I hope it will inspire you. It might even make you realize that things you imagine to be really challenging are actually much freakin’ easier than you thought. I think the key is breaking down a big challenge into manageable chunks you can deal with individually. As soon as you complete the first baby step, you’re like, “This is no big deal”!

The Title

So I came up with a book title idea pretty quickly. I wanted to write about something I’m really passionate about.

I wanted it to be useful, too.

And if there is anything I’m passionate about, it’s sailing, and the sailing community.

As it happens, I also have quite a lot of experience riding those waves out on the ocean, and I had a good feeling about the whole thing.

I wanted to put my best tips down on paper, but also get other sailors’ experiences for a more rounded-out work that includes some nuggets of gold from the sailing community.

So my book is a little unconventional. In the best way possible!

I just looked around at what’s out there on Amazon right now, and wanted to contribute something a little more quirky and, well,….. different.

The Chapters

The most important part of writing a book is the title, but the chapters are super critical and shape the overall structure of the book.

So I came up with some fun ones, and tried to gear each one to unanswered questions and specific dreams that I know sailors hold inside.

Like living on your boat. How many sailors do you know that would hate that idea? There’s a bunch in this book about becoming a liveaboard and living with kids.

I feel like that’s what it should be all about.

Check out Part 2 of this post for more on the launch, and how I was freakin out!!

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