Mouthwatering Hawaiian Food

Prior to European contact, traditional Hawaiian cuisine included (the infamous) poi, kalua pork (pit-cooked whole pig), and types of raw fish salads that were later refined into what’s now called poke (pronounced poh-kay). After Captain James Cook’s arrival, a new cuisine evolved, something which is called “local food.” The first wave of immigrants to Hawaii was Chinese, followed by Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Puerto Ricans. Throw in a few Mormon Samoans, Mexican cowboys, and American GIs and edges of incoming cuisines faded away, all melting into something entirely Hawaiian. Culinary historian Rachel Laudan says local food “survives because it, like pidgin [local dialect], is one of the few experiences that the peoples of Hawaii share.” Unfortunately, like pidgin, visitors don’t always share in that experience.  Hawaiian plate lunches, BBQ ribs, Chow Fun, Poke (Raw Fish), Ocean Salad, Laulau, Chocolate Haupia Pie – did you ever realize Hawaiian food was this good? As our friend in the video says, you might even forget about the beach with all there is to try.

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