Where The Motorcyclists At ? : Touring The World (Part 1)

Touring the world: waking up and swinging your leg over a large, magnificent engine, and flying through the fresh, sweet, grassy-green fields of Europe; around the periphery of the steamy national parks of South America; or the 360 degree parched deserts of Africa.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, I’m sure you’ve seen shots of me on my motorcycle, looking as happy as I’ve probably ever been. I’m not the only one who’s in love with the freedom and joy motorcycles provide—there are literally thousands of people out there in the world sitting on their motorcycle right now with the wind in their face, making the most out of life, and there’s nothing I love more than keeping up with what they’re doing.

So in celebration of their daring, their vision and their videos—and almost a little too keenly, I ask: where my motorcyclists at?

A Serious Motorcycling Lady Tours the World

Anna Grechiskina has been riding for ten years, and had already travelled all over the world before she decided to ride across it. The world just kept nagging, and showing her signs. I know how she feels.

Grechiskina took almost a year and a half to get ready for her journey. She simply ships the bike to the next continent once she’s done riding up, down and across the one she’s on. What a cool chick! Here’s more on her epic roadtrip:

2 Years Travelling Around the World

Eliza Massey is another woman after my own heart. She’s from Maine, and had been travelling around the world solo for almost two years when this video was filmed in February of 2015, on her BMW G650 GS. She takes pics and hopes to make a book of her photographs once she returns home, all while raising money for African Aid.

I really love the way Eliza talks about how people, their cultures and their different ways of life inspire her. Meeting people when I travel is also one of my passions.

She also points out one of the most beautiful things about riding: the fact that you’re always there enjoying that moment, truly living in the now. Top notch.

4 Years Travelling Around the World: Motorcycle Diaries

These guys are both cool, young travelers who choose to do so in different ways. Kristen Sarah is an airstream fan. Alex has been on the road on his motorcycle for four years. Yeah, four years! He’s done five continents and around 300,000 km, while creating The Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

So, though these guys aren’t in my (and maybe your) age group exactly, I chose this video because Alex has a bunch of experience and had some nice tips to share. Enjoy!

Check out Part 2 of this post, where I talk about some awesome guys in the midlife range that are raising money for less fortunate children, and what happened when they crossed Africa, plus other video impressionanti. Thank you so much for reading this post!

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