My Midlife Crisis Bucket Destination List, Part 1

As a sailor/world traveler/foodie, there’s nothing I like to do more than skip through what I like to call travel porn—photos of little glass pods you can camp in and watch the northern lights, a coffee cup on an antique table at a villa overlooking Tuscany’s finest countryside, sailors clinking champagne glasses surrounded by the crystal-blue waters of the Galapagos.

My my, the list goes on.

This is nothing but pure bliss and therapy to my midlife-crisis aged soul, which drinks in beautiful environments and turns the wheels in my head toward getting away and really being there.

Now I should say that I have been to so many amazing places.

I’m a lucky “son of a…” (charismatic Italian!), but there are still lots of places that remain on my midlife bucket list that I am dying to share with you, my awesome reader.

Here they be, in no particular order.

The Tibetan Plateau, Tibet

The Tibetan Plateau, also called the Third Pole and the roof of the world, spreads across an area that’s larger than Western Europe and provides water to more than half of Asia. With its 37,000 glaciers, this is the place to be for viewing them. It’s the largest tropical glaciological area in the world. Climate change experts swear its disappearing, so you and I have limited time to seem them. It also seems like an ideal place to get some perspective on life.

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The Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

The temples of Angkor are the result of “god-kings” that competed to produce larger and larger and more stunning religious buildings and ended up with what has been described as an extravagant ancient site “with the epic proportions of the Great Wall of China, the detail and intricacy of the Taj Mahal and the symbolism and symmetry of the pyramids, rolled into one”. When are we leaving? I want to take off my shoes, put on a Tibetan robe, and feel the temples with my feet.

Surfing in Tavarua, Fiji

Pacific islanders believe the ocean is the source of youth itself. This tiny Fijian island, which can only fit a little over thirty guests on it at any one time, is at the base of Cloudbreak, one of the biggest surf break anywhere. Tavurua also staffs come of the best surf instructors in zi world.

Cycling Through Umbria, Italy

As much as I love my Indian motorcycle, when you cycle somewhere, you go at just the right speed to take in all the scenery. On a bike, you also hear all the sounds of nature, just like sailing.

Now I love love love Italy. But I’ve never pedaled through the expansive vineyards, olive groves and medieval hill towns of Umbria. With all the amazing food and wine, you can’t go wrong. I would also revel in the fact that I’d be slimmer and fitter when I arrived home, despite all the indulgence!!

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Join me next time for the second episode of my midlife crisis bucket destination list, starting with flying in outer space 🙂

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