Man Saves Dingo (Dog) By Punching Out Kangaroo

If there’s one wild animal that you probably don’t want to get in a boxing match with, the kangaroo is probably near the top of the list. We’ve seen too many examples of ‘roos getting in heated, violent scraps.

But if the internet isn’t deceiving us with some video trickery, one man in Australia appears to have won a unanimous decision in what was essentially a title fight with a kangaroo. Instead of a belt, he won his dog back.

According to the men behind the video, the weird encounter came during a boar hunting trip for one of their dying friends this year. A wild kangaroo got a hold of one of the hunting dogs and roughed him up pretty good, eventually putting the pup in a headlock as the humans approached.

Luckily for the dog, its owner was brave enough to approach and confront the kangaroo, who released the dog to turn its attention on the new intruder. The two squared up and, honestly, if I were a betting man, I’d have put my money on the kangaroo.

But amazingly, the guy delivered one single right to the kangaroo’s face, leaving the animal stunned, befuddled and completely unsure of what to do with itself next. A decisive win for the human.

In an ironic twist of fate, the Daily Newspaper identified the victorious Kangaroo-puncher as a zookeeper responsible for the care of elephants. After the video recently went viral and created significant buzz surrounding whether or not he was justified in striking the protected animal, his employer has reportedly launched an investigation and is looking into taking “appropriate action.”

In the interest of fairness, I understand not wanting dudes running around the wild kingdom just punching animals in the face (though that’s probably against their own best interest anyway) but this incident also taught one kangaroo a very important life lesson — never mess with man’s best friend.

Just check out this bizarre video!!



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