Make an Espresso with your Cell Phone

Finally , the invention ive been waiting for,………….drum-roll-please……………….An espresso making cell phone!!!       On the run and have no time to stop and order coffee? No worries, now you can make one while on the go , right from your cell phone!!!  A company in Europe named Mokase figured that everyone has a cell phone and everyone drinks espresso, so why dont we put these two together in a marriage that can revolutionize the term “coffee talk”!   While using your speaker phone you now can actually make a cup of coffee from that very device,…its multi-tasking at its best.  Mokase cant make these “coffee phones” fast enough, they sell out every batch they make, and the back orders seem to never end.  If you check out their web-site, it says that theyre sold out until August of 2017.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these as I would be the star of the show or the coffee talk of the town!  The technology is simple, its just a self contained cartridge with ground coffee and water which gets heated up with a cell phone battery and is compressed in a tight mini hose which allows it to squirt out into a cup.     Just check out the demonstration in this mini video.







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