From The Northeast States of the U.S. to South America – A Sailors Guide (Part 3/12)

Here we are, on a journey from Maine to Brazil, or Boston to Panama, or wherever you´d like to start from and end up! In this post, we´re going to cover Edgartown and Newport. Let´s do this.


Edgartown is a fishing and resort town on the western shore of Long Island. Edgartown Harbor lies on the eastern side of Martha’s Vineyard and westward of Cape Poge. The harbor is mostly used as a harbor of refuge in southerly and easterly winds and as a night anchorage. There’s a narrow arm making southward into Katama Bay from the head of the harbor, but it´s recently been breached by the sand bar to the south so it´s now only reachable by dinghy.

File:Edgartown Light (23040453495).jpg

Edgartown Light

Sailors report that Cape Poge Pond is a great place for picnics, fishing and scalloping (only in the fall). Here´s a story about one family´s experience sailing in the area, with a map of the region. If you´re there for a while in summer with children, why not check out the summer camps.

There are some great beaches around this area. Here´s some info on those if you´re keen to stay near the water when on land.

Where to Spend the Night

You should check out Edgartown North Wharf and Moorings, according to quite a few sailors, who mostly gave very positive reviews. One family likes to take a tour of the harbor first to see the anchoring and mooring options from all angles, but be ready for lots of traffic. You can no longer anchor at Katama Bay.

And here´s more about what you can do in the town itself, useful phone numbers, comprehensive information on the location of the Old Town and a little about anchorages.

Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island is a popular summer resort and a major boating destination on the Atlantic coast. It also makes an excellent place to set off for the Caribbean from.

The view from above Newport, RI

According to Don Street, “An alternative for boats unable to pass under the bridges along the Intracoastal Waterway is to jump off from Little Creek, Virginia, just inside the mouth of the Chesapeake. Wait there for a weather window that will enable you to cross the Gulf Stream, then follow the same east-southeast course, forgetting about Bermuda. The 350-mile cruise from Newport to Little Creek can be done direct in two to three days sailing offshore, or you can take about five days and go inshore via Long Island Sound, through New York, down the New Jersey shore, then tuck inside and sail down the Chesapeake to Little Creek.”

Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, RI (courtesy of Timothy Burling via Flikr)

Where to Spend the Night

In summer, all areas are busy. Portsmouth and Bristol are alternatives, if everywhere is full. Here is a list of the many marinas available.

Don´t stop here! Mystic, Long Island and Atlantic City are next. Check them out in Part 4.

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