From The Northeast States of the U.S. to South America – A Sailors Guide (Part 4/12)


From The Northeast USA to South America – A Sailors Guide (Part 4/12)

We´re travelling down the East Coast, from Maine to South America, and in this article, you´re going to learn about anchorages and things to do while sailing through Mystic, Long Island and Atlantic City. Let´s get going.

Mystic, CT

Mystic is a major tourist destination. It´s got some great maritime heritage, and has the Mystic Seaport, Museum of America and the Sea, Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration and other fun things to check out.

Where to Spend the Night

Sailors recommend you go up the Mystic River, through the drawbridge (which opens once per hour during daylight hours) and anchor in the shallow flats (if you´re drawing a lot, like 18”). Alternatively, head south of the railroad bridge and then get into your dingy for the half mile trip up the river to the downtown dinghy dock.

Another sailor says there is an anchorage east of Mason Island and west of Andrews Island. Just stay south of latitude 41 degree 20´ and along Mason Island and you should be fine, he advises. Here´s a chart of the area.

If you´re keen to stay in a marina, one sailor recommends buying the Maptech Embassy Guide for Long Island Sound, which includes a lot of information on all the harbors between NY and Block Island, including Mystic.

Long Island, NY

Long Island Sound is sandwiched between Long Island to the south and New York and Connecticut to the north. Both sides are diverse topographically and culturally – not to mention the differences in accent! The south side offers some great cruising destinations in its bays, and the north has some awesome rivers spilling out around islands for shelter during the night. There are plenty of secluded places where you probably won´t get noticed or bother anyone around the nature reserve and major estates.

Long Island Sound

Click on the links under “destinations around LIS” for an in-depth sailing guide to each area, here. Sag Harbor has been quoted as one of a sailor´s favorite spots for sailing on the East Coast, but you could surely spend a lot of time just exploring every nook and cranny around the Long Island area. It´s very beautiful.

Where to Spend the Night

Here are all your Long Island anchorages and coves, from west to east, from Boating Times Long Island. Here´s a chart of one sailor´s anchorages in the region.

Long Island

Atlantic City and Cape May, NJ

Cape May is located at the very southern tip of New Jersey, and it´s a Victorian resort town. It´s second to Atlantic City for tourism in the state of New Jersey. The harbor has complete access from the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean, meaning you can get there from Key West, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. Here´s more about Cape May.

Frank Farley Marina Atlantic City New Jersey

Atlantic City and Cape May are thought to be the two best inlets in NJ. To avoid the wash of all the head boats waking you up early, stay at Utsch´s at the foot of the bridge instead of the CG anchorage. The Bohemia is also good, but beware that it´s shallow.

Where to Spend the Night

Here´s the marina´s for Altlantic City, and here´s the marinas for Cape May.

In Part 5, we´ll look at Washington, DC, the South Carolina Outer Banks and Charleston. Don´t miss it, and make sure you get caught up by reading the first three parts of “From the Northeast U.S. to South America-A Sailors Guide”

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