Life Aboard Wicked Salty and La Vagabonde: No Shower, No Problems

Modern life can be dull as hell sometimes. You get up day after day in winter, probably in the dark; you dress, you eat breakfast, and go to work. Some of the time, work is just plain boring—or it’s stressful, and you’re happy to leave the office for the day. Except this drudgery doesn’t leave you with very much time to do the things you’d prefer to be doing: whether that’s being out on the ocean, seeing friends, watching movies, or just doing nothing.

To make up for this hole in our lives, you might spend your free moments daydreaming about a different life. Others fill their home, their bodies and their minds with stuff: beer, clothes, cars, makeup, books, gadgets for your home, toys—whatever it is that gives you satisfaction at the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do it to. But sometimes I find myself looking straight through all this stuff, and dreaming of practical tasks that have meaning, views far from the city, and experiences that no one around me has ever had.

The simple tasks involved in living on a boat might include washing dishes, managing ropes, tending to the engine, making the bed back into a table, lifting up the anchor, adjusting the sails, while listening to that beautiful silence out there in the ocean or the odd seagull’s cry. Here’s a video of the owners of Wicked Salty, as they live a life with “no refrigeration, no shower and no problems”.

Life Isn’t Always Peachy, Though

Elayna and her boyfriend Riley are sailing La Vagabonde around the world. And yeah, when this young Australian couple aren’t enjoying themselves making knots and learning new things, they’re battling with their autopilot, wondering how long their fresh food will last them and what day is it, again?

Ups and downs? Yes—these guys understand that crossing the sea can be hair-raisingly real after you’ve had no sleep, you keep breaking expensive things and you haven’t showered in weeks. Here’s their very real episode 44, What Really Happens When You’re Sailing Around the World.

I wish I had so much free time that I ran out of books halfway through a Pacific crossing…!

P.S. Elayna also sings and plays the guitar. Check out her voice here.

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