Led Zeppelin’s”Ramble On”Broken Down by Jimmy Page

Check Out Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page as you’ve never seen him before: totally open and actually reveal the secrets behind some of his most iconic work. It’s one thing to hear your idols playing your favorite song, but it’s another thing entirely to have them actually explain to you how it’s done – and that’s exactly what Jimmy does with Led Zeppelin’s“Ramble On”

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

Jimmy goes into all of the little nuances of “Ramble On” that get missed in the crush of Robert Plant’s vocals and the thundering rhythm section made up of John Paul Jones and John Bonham in the song’s final mix; the surprisingly light touch that makes up the song’s intro and the moments where Jimmy knows when to let the silence speak and when to press on. Whether you’re a guitar geek or just a casual fan, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss – besides, who doesn’t want to learn a trick or two from the master himself?

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