Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker – Live Earls Court

The song was a crowd favourite at Led Zeppelin concerts, and the band opened many of their live shows in 1971 and 1972 with “Immigrant Song” followed by a segue right into “Heartbreaker”. On later concert tours it was often played as an encore. “Heartbreaker” and “Communication Breakdown” were the only songs to be played live during every year that the band toured. The song begins on beat 4, bending the minor 7th (G) up to the root (A), kicking off an aggressive riff constructed around the blues scale, followed by a powerful power chord assault during the verse from not only the guitar but the bass playing power chords also. Robert Plant sings about a woman named Annie, who is up to her old tricks again; the lyrics recall a tale of a man painfully wizened after their encounters. Check Out This Rare Video of Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker!!!

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