Caribbean Sailing For In-Loves

Most islands are visited by sailing cruisers and charter guests for a list of amenities – full service marinas; beach bars oozing charm with signature drinks, and marine stores with shelves bending from new, must-have gear. But Marie-Galante – located approximately 24 miles east of the southern tip of Guadeloupe – lacks it all, which might be the very reason to pay the Big Pancake a visit.

We made our inaugural sail there recently after a stop at Ile de Saintes which turned into a rock & roll marathon while precariously anchored in 70 feet of water. The wind, forecast to freshen, left us with few options: Stay put and rock on; return to Guadeloupe from whence we came, or venture toward the unknown.

It took a full day of beating to reach Marie-Galante, a low-lying island of 61 square miles, and after a day of deck washing seas, the long deserted beach in the middle of the lee looked just right. Once the hook was down, we checked the scene only to find a pier to the north, the sugar factory to the south and nothing in between. No bars on the beach; no business; no neighbors and we loved it that way! This is how to sail while in love………

Falling in love feels so good. And sailing does too! What about the combination of love, sailing and Caribbean scenery? Here’s a young Australian couple doing a tour of the magical blue sea around El Caribe in S/V La Vagabonde. Check out their real sailor experiences.

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