Harley Road Trip USA with Gary France

France in America

Englishman Does The USA on a Harley in 4 and a Half Months

Being a fly on the wall during a biker’s 21,000 mile trip over 4 and a half months could be rather eye-opening. This British guy did an average of 147

miles a day, and planned his trip based on the weather. And he has a unique story of hardship and reward, which shows that it’s hard to keep a man

away from his Harley once he’s caught the bug. Gary France rode his Harley-Davidson over 21,000 miles around the USA on one road trip. This shows

some of what he saw on the tour of America on his Harley. All of the pictures shown in this video, along with maps of his route, are in Gary’s book

called ‘France In America’.


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