Taking Your Harley to the South of France

The rural roads in southern France are well maintained, lightly traveled and only slightly patrolled. (Police use a mix of white Renault, Peugeot and Citroen sedans with blue graphics and a large bar of blue lights on top.) The macadam’s single white center lines are broken or solid, for passing and not; impending curves are noted by both signs and painted arrows on the road. Speed limits are clearly marked in kilometers per hour by round white signs with black numbers in a red circle: 110 (68 mph), 90 (56 mph) and 50 (31 mph).  I love motorcycle music. And France certainly has its charms, but doing the South of France when there’s snow on the ground on a Harley? That must be every American man’s dream, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. But seeing this scenery should be on everyone’s bucket list. Oo la la.

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